26th of June. Wtf is going on with cryptocurrencies?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Red alarm? Bubble?


35 of the Top 35 cryptocurrencies (by market cap) are in the red and while there remains no immediat catalyst, chatter is focused on uncertainty surrounding SegWit (another potential fork in the codebase) and some looming large ICOs...



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For old HODLer this is just another day in the office. :D Great time to BUY!

Isn't this money just moving around - waiting to pay for EOS.
Once EOS trades, look at the total market cap for cryptos and see if that has changes much. At the moment, money is sitting in accounts but not being reflected in the market.
Just my tuppence.

Idk one of these times it's going to hit hard, but seems like a weekly occupancy so anything longer than 3 days I would get worried otherwise like many others say, it's sale day lol. Only if I had extra cash to get in on some good deals. Like Lisk it's at 2.50 right now which is a really good price to get in at

It's a big crash, I bought before it got really down to hell. So no option but to HoDL ouch.