Cryptography and keys used in Bitcoin - in Detail

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

I am trying to pass things I learn to others, thin is my thing. in that spirit I tried to create an article about the whole detail behind the cryptography of Bitcoin network, this article was published in originally, you can go there and check it out, and if you appreciate the effort, go ahead and support my work by sharing and up-voting it here .

دانش رمزنگاری در شبکه رمزارز بیت کوین و چگونگی تولید آدرس ها

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ممنون ، لطف کردی

Hey Meysam, how are you? I've heard some news about crypto ban in Iran. Hope it won't affect you much.


hey @joythewanderer
I am fine, thank you, how about you?
they are banning cryptos here but fortunately I was not hurt because I dont work on Iranian's platforms