Recollections - My Involvement with Bitcoin

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While this article will cover a large area of work, I'm going to focus on my involvement with Bitcoin. This article is likely to be a rather dull read, and I apologize for my (lack of) written communications skills.

I've worked under multiple pseudonyms, but the only one linked to my current identity is 'mesquka', I will not be revealing any others in this article. My reasons are my own, though the nature of my contributions under other pseudonyms was the same.

I'm not special, I don't claim to be so, and I don't want people to think I am. I've happened to be in the right places at the right time. My involvement in Bitcoin does go back quite far, but this does not make me an expert. For the majority of this time, I was very young, and I had plenty of help from the open source and Bitcoin community.

Finding out about Bitcoin

There's not much to say here, when I was younger I passed my free time reading/watching Hak5, BlackHatWorld, HackForums, and various other tech-related content. This time-wasting is how I stumbled on the Bitcoin whitepaper a few days after it's release. I don't claim to have had any involvement beyond observation at this point.

First Miner

I obtained an XFX 5850 in an attempt to replicate Artforz's work on GPU mining. I managed to get a modest hashrate from my 5850 with a combination of my own code and massive borrowing of code from poclbm, which was publically released midway through the development of my private miner.

I later met another developer going by the handle 'Gweedo,' and we collaborated for some time. I eventually moved on to a 6950 + 6990 mining rig and then on to 2x 7950's. I gave up on mining at around the same time the first BFL ASIC was announced since FPGA's were beating GPUs on electricity consumption, and it looked like ASICs would quickly win out in raw hashrate.

Litecoin Unity Shell Integration

I can't provide much information here, unfortunately. I can't locate any IRC logs of the conversation that happened, nor can I remember the handle used by the Litecoin developer I talked to fairly frequently while working on this project. The only thing of significance I can remember from this was a comment from the previously mentioned developer that "this might be the first real app for Litecoin." I would have been known as 'mesquka' at the time.

The app I had been working on contained a frontend to a Litecoin wallet running on a local instance of litecoind. It displayed the current balance as well as a send and receive functions in the system tray on Unity. I attempted to create a modified version of Ubuntu Software Center and a plugin for Firefox which would allow the user to make payments from the built-in Litecoin wallet to purchase apps or make payments on a website.

Unfortunately, this app became too complicated for me at the time and would have required Canonical and websites wishing to accept it to set up a Litecoin point of sales system, so was abandoned.

Gweedo and CGMiner

Thread on BitcoinTalk

In an attempt to make my 5850 more competitive again I created a thread on BitcoinTalk and attempted to set up a bounty for a more efficient miner. This is where I was introduced to Gweedo.

Gweedo was another member of the community that had worked on some small Bitcoin-related projects in the past, as well as having some experience in mining himself. We started out working together on building a GUI for CGMiner, but after some disagreements, we parted ways.

Porting Krita to OSX

Thread on KDE Forum

I took a liking to Krita after using it for some time and wanted to install it on my MacBook to use it on-the-go. Since there were no existing binaries for OSX, I gave porting Krita a try myself.

After 4 months I got Krita and some other KOffice apps to compile correctly by modifying the compilation scripts and code. While I didn't manage to see it out to binary distribution, it did get there after a few years of development and bug fixing from other members of the community.

Going Forward

Everything Bitcoin-related from this point forward to early 2017 was done under pseudonyms. I'm going to end this post here since I'm not willing to link them to my real identity. In the non-blockchain world, I was busy at hackathons like GovHack 2014, co-founding Ovass and Keepspace, developing LaunchMii, and prototyping hyperspectral cameras.

If you want to check out what I'm up to currently take a look at my Twitter or Website.

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