Bitcoin’s Dark Secret: Bitcoin’s (CORE) New Cap: 184,021,000,000?

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The 184 Billion Bitcoins Heist
Why did the developers oppose SegWit?
"... SegWit shifts the incentives to miners away from verifying transaction signatures – which creates the opportunity for aforementioned mystery hackers to spend their 184 billion bitcoins..." -Bitcrust post.

On August 14, 2010, hackers created 184 billion counterfeit bitcoins (BTC), which the hackers sent to two addresses, and are now untraceable. According to the official story, the hack was identified, the code was rewritten, and blockchain rebooted within just five hours, stranding the 184 billion bitcoins in cyberspace without the requisite 120 confirmations for inclusion into the blockchain. Satoshi and the early bitcoin development team took quick action. As a result of their efforts, they maintained the cap of 21 million and laid the foundation for future growth and global adoption.

All this crazy and unbelievable information is available by following this link:

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@melip Terrifying to think if one of those top miners chooses to stop validating the fake 184 billion bitcoin could hit the market and crash btc. No wonder BCH is sticking around makes ya think


Very very true. If this is corroborated, BCH can take over BTC in a matter of hours.

That's a great news of bitcoin I appreciate your post my friend @melip


I don't think those are great news for Bitcoin but I appreciate your comment.

good news brother


Not really, but thanks for your comment.