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lower pic is nice dear @melip
is it your work?
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No, it’s @nevlu123 😊

good post about bitcoin dear @melip
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excellent information..
thank you my dear @melip
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Thanks for share this post.


Hola amiga valiosa información gracias por compartir

muy bueno ese video bro

Gracias por siempre informar, saludos amigo

saludo amigo bueno sus post,siempre cosas instructivas, gracias

thanks for always sharing such good information! Always attentive to everything you post. Good night

Increible @melip como vamos avanzando con la tecnologia, que ya podemos transferir desde una app nuestras criptomonedas

ASI es, y gratuitamente 👍

thanks a lot dear @melip for your informative post..
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Very nice my friend @melip...:)

Excelente información amiga, es de importancia, eso seria una buena aplicación

Nice informasion @melip...😊

amigo muy interesante informacion, saludos

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Roger is known as Bitcoin Jesus, he’s been promoting BTC in its early years. Nearly everyone hates him because he tells the truth about Blockstream and their plan. It’s ridiculous

Very true. I’ve always liked him, there is nothing but sense in what he preaches 👊