bitcoin-mining stocks UPDATE SOME may be going bankrupt

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2 youtube channels that give a lot of information on BTC mining stocks

bitcoin-mining stocks

Here is a list of the most well known bitcoin-mining stocks , call letters symbol ,and where traded


This one may be going bankrupt Argo Blockchain --------- call letters symbol = ARBK ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Bit Digital --------- call letters symbol = BTBT ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Bitfarms --------- call letters symbol = BITF ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

BIT Mining --------- call letters symbol = BTCM------- Traded on (NYSE)

Cipher Mining --------- call letters symbol = CIFR ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

CleanSpark Inc --------- call letters symbol = CLSK ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

This one may be going bankrupt Core Scientific Inc --------- call letters symbol = CORZ ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Digihost Technology Inc. --------- call letters symbol = DGHI ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

DMG blockchain solutions INC. --------- call letters symbol = DMGGF ------- Traded on ( OTC )

HIVE Blockchain --------- call letters symbol = HIVE ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Hut 8 Mining --------- call letters symbol = HUT ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Marathon Digital Holdings --------- call letters symbol = MARA ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Riot Blockchain --------- call letters symbol = RIOT ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Sphere 3D Corp. --------- call letters symbol = ANY ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Stronghold Digital Mining --------- call letters symbol = SDIG ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF --------- call letters symbol = WGMI ------- Traded on (NASDAQ)

If I missed some please give me a reply with the ones I missed

If you have an interest in BTC mining stocks be sure to check out the youtube channels

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