CANNACOR - Collaborate with Blockchain Technology to Change the Entire Process of Marijuana Cultivation in the World.

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Welcome to a Future Project called CANNACOR!

Greetings to you loyal readers on the forum. In my notes today, I will provide a breakthrough in the latest developments from Blockchain Technology, a future project that will work as a decentralized platform that adopts pure genetic production, cannabis purification with the Blockchain Cryptocurrency company for the use of cannabis in health care and drug development. medicine for disease prevention and pandemic.

Alright, for more details about all the work procedures of this project, let's follow all my notes below.

The beginning of the word we start with about Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain technology is very charming !, because Blockchain has built an incredible amount of use on spectacular ideas. In essence, adopting Blockchain Technology through cryptocurrency is truly extraordinary and very extraordinary!

About the Cannacor project.

This is basically represented by the Cannacor Blockchain platform through enhancing plans and ideas for cannabis adoption. This platform is designed to enhance the delivery, processing and refining of cannibles for users on a large scale, because of the entire supply chain management process, cost and process analysis, optimization and pedigree planning as well as product consistency.

This basically creates the right paradigm shift for users to explore. This creates a paradigm framework for users through making marijuana healthier as a product in general.

This is what is made, maintained, and built on a brief platform. This is uniquely a realistic framework of cannabis production for patients and global users.

Cannabis as seen globally is considered a restricted area for human use. This platform is basically a shift from the norm. It chose to establish marijuana as a health care product in the right perspective and application for healing, prevention and general care of patients.

This was chosen also to be achieved through the use of the Blockchain cryptocurrency application, the use of the Etheruem ERC-20 smart contract paradigm. This explicitly validates the platform's focal point and also the monetary value which will be very attractive to all users.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a complex system involving fish and plants. In short, fish produce waste that encourages plant growth and plants clean the water before it is drained back into the fish tank, and the whole process is repeated. The word aquaponics comes from a combination of the words 'aquaculture' and 'hydroponics', and while aquaponics shares certain attributes of both systems, this is a much more developed and unique system.

The aquaponics system has three main components of fish, plants and microbes. Microbes are an often overlooked part of the aquaponic system, but they are the microbes that do the most important work in the nutrition cycle. Aquaponics uses no soil at all - but can use alternative growing media such as clay gravel, pumice, lava or gravel, or plants can only be planted in nutrient-rich waters originating from fish tanks.

Marijuana has a very bad reputation, especially in health matters.

Use of marijuana in inappropriate amounts and carelessly can indeed cause many health problems. For example, addiction, anxiety, or brain damage related to memory.

One study even found that the risk of heart attack increased within one hour after someone smoked cannabis. Even so, it seems unfair to see marijuana based only on the adverse effects it causes.

Marijuana also has a good side and can be used in terms of health if used properly.

The Cannacor Project and Blockchain Corporation have been involved in collaboration to position themselves as a global leader in the research, planting, processing and distribution of cannabis, and the application of Blockchain Technology to the needs of the cannabis life cycle and supply chain management.

The Cannacor project aspires to lead, legitimize and define the future of the industry by building the most trusted Blockchain-based cannabis company in the world.

This effort includes the establishment of a unique aquaculture and aquaponics production facility in Lesotho to supply the global market. This document gives a breakdown of the contributions of both parties to this effort including the Initial Coin Offer, (ICO) and how this will impact their operations.

Vision of the Cannacor Project.

The Cannacor project is a leader in the development of cannabis therapy in Lesotho. Our center is to support a generation office that can support and grow our leadership with factories that support aquaponics while gathering all the support of our administrative work with Blockchain innovation to support alignment, unchanging and true achievement.

The Cannacor project works every day with a group of experienced scientists, block developers, pharmacists and engineers to improve our company by researching and supplying high-quality cannabis products that are natural in the vicinity.

Regarding Blockchain Corporation.

Blockchain Corporation forces are committed to solving problems in the medical marijuana industry and provide a foundation for the adoption of Blockchain technology in real life to ensure consistent growth in quality and quantity.

It aims to optimize the life cycle of cannabis culture and provide point-to-point supply chain solutions to improve product ordering capabilities.

Cannacor Platform Cannacor Blockchain is a unique platform designed to accommodate the right framework for the production of medical products from cannabis.

The Cannacor blockchain platform is a unique platform designed to accommodate the right framework for the production of medical products from cannabis. These, however, are collectively designed with a unique set of features.

These features include the following :

Supply chain management.

The Cannacor platform is designed within the framework of the supply chain management process. This will ensure proper management, planning, analysis and also the achievement of the objectives of the project objectives, objectives and timetable.

Decentralized Structure.

The Cannacor platform is designed in a decentralized way, hence this makes it easy for users to explore and check for updates regardless of their location, geographical reference point. This validates, in addition, the functional essence is not the central system. Furthermore, this platform uses the Etheruem ERC-20 structure, which allows it to be more flexible for exchange in the cryptocurrency market.

Production and Aquaculture Management.

The Cannacor platform can be objectively successful through the production and cultivation management process. Basically this is what is meant by the platform. This is a model, which the team created for the right documentation and the right team management, as well as the process of validating the production and cultivation system. In addition, this enhances and establishes norms where users can better understand how marijuana cultivation is carried out, how it is processed, packaged and also used as a supplement for users. Basically, this platform uses anagram blockchain for cryptocurrency funding and therefore makes it very reliable for users. In addition, the platform coordinates the entire process through this model. This is basically what it represents on the global front for users.

Process analysis.

Cannacor process analysis from the platform is uniquely designed to improve the prospect process model for achieving effective and efficient benefits or can be achieved by users. This, the team considers as the focus of the paradigm to achieve the benefits of the platform in general.

Can be scaled.

Cannacor can hold billions of operations simultaneously and can also function without general freezes. This is a unique relevance and framework for making the platform more reliable and reliable for users.

Regulatory and Compliance Management.

Cannacor has a design framework for regulatory management and cannabis compliance for the production, packaging and much more.

Cannacor : Where Cultivation Technology and Blockchain Seamlessly Combine.

Cannacor and Blockchain Corporation work together with a shared vision to bring lasting change in the field of research, planting, processing, and distribution of cannabis.

Our goal is to change the whole process of cannabis cultivation to make it as transparent and safe as possible.

Cannacor Coins are ERC20 coins made on Ethereum Blockchain.

The Cannacor project decided to use Ethereum because it was already adopted by the masses and allowed Cannacor coins to participate in mainstream activities.

Ethereum is a fast, decentralized and unchanging Blockchain. Cannacor will strive to achieve mass adoption in the medical cannabis sector by offering solutions that address problems related to cross-border transactions. We aim to offer solutions because of the lack of banking services and payments for legal cannabis businesses.

Coin details about the Cannacor project.

Cannacor Coins are ERC20 which is based on Ethereum Blockchain. ERC20 is the official protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum, (ETH) network and can be understood as a standard for coins made on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The ERC20 coin standard makes it easy to exchange one ERC20 coin with another, and to integrate various ERC20 coins into platforms such as wallets and Blockchain exchanges, and others.

Token Info on the Cannacor project.

  • Ticker = CANO
  • Platform = Ethereum
  • Token Type = ERC-20
  • Finance
  • Pre-sale price = 1 CANO = 0.06 USD
  • Price of IEO = 1 CANO = 0.12 USD
  • Accept = ETH, BTC, XRP
  • Soft Cover = 1,500,000 USD
  • Hard Cover = 112,300,000 USD

Coin Allocation.

  • 78% = Coin Sales.
  • 07% = CannaCor Team.
  • 07% = The Blockchain Corp. team
  • 05% = Strategic Partnership.
  • 03% = Distribution of Bounty & Airdrop Funds.

Funds Distribution.

  • 30% = Planting.
  • 30% = Technology & Core.
  • 08% = Marketing & Business.
  • 05% = Admin.
  • 12% = Liquidity on the Exchange.
  • 05% = Legal.
  • 05% = Exchange Rate Registration Fee.
  • 05% = Commission & Fees.


Quarter, 4, 2018.

  • Research and brainstorming sessions begin to build solutions that are most likely to grow medical cannabis.
  • The latest technology is being researched to build Cannacor cryptocurrency.
  • Various Blockchain Technologies are researched to manage the planting of the medical cannabis life cycle and supply chain management system.
  • Strategic alliances were formed with Blockchain developers, tenants and pioneers in the cannabis industry.
  • Company established in Lesotho, South Africa, to operate the following business activities.
  • Growth of medicinal plants and pharmaceutical wholesale and retail pharmaceutical sales and medical goods.

Quarter, 2019.

  • 50,000 agricultural lands were acquired in Lesotho, South Africa, for the cultivation of medical marijuana.
  • Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) is curated and submitted.
  • The license application is submitted to the Drug Control Authority in Lesotho to get :
  • Authorization for export and import of medical cannabis.
  • Authorization to produce medical cannabis products.

Quarter, II, 2019.

  • Appointed Appointed as a block developer and ICO marketing team.
  • Green paper development.
  • Design of cannabis cultivation plants.

Quarter, III, 2019.

  • Cannacor medical permission is approved.
  • New website design / landing page.
  • Development of user and wallet administration panels.
  • The updated greenpaper and new company identity were included.
  • The Pre-ICO Round begins September 11, 2019 and ends on December 15, 2019.

Quarter, 4, 2019.

  • Launch ICO Launch December 16 2019 and ends March 31, 2020.
  • The design of the cultivation plant, testing laboratory and packaging plant is complete.
  • Construction of cultivation facilities.
  • Development of the Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric applications, combining QR code labeling, product tracking, drug authentication, production life cycle management applications, and supply chains.
  • New wallet and website release.

QUARTER, 2020.

  • CannaCor BETA testing application.
  • Marijuana plants were first planted.
  • Integration of production cycle applications.

Quarter, II, 2020.

  • Harvest First, the integration of supply chain applications and the repurchase of the first coin.


The best aim of the Cannacor project is to build its own aquaponics development and generation office for medicinal cannabis at the organization's location in Lesotho.

This will empower organizations to meet growing needs in world markets with rare creation constraints and become a perceived provider for world markets that do not have or limit generation constraints.

Suffice it to my notes this time about the Cannacor project. I hope this will be useful for all of you who read it, and If you are interested in joining this project, or you want to more clearly know all the latest developments from this Cannacor project, you can see some of the links that I have provided for you to see below: