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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Update: Neck Line Support BREACHED!! CORRECTION LIKELY!!

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  1. Too many noobs here right now and do not understand volatility of crypto.
  2. So many judges jurors and executioners = mob mentality= Christmas time so compare to JESUS and all the stone throwers.
  3. Those of you whining who CANNOT or WILL NOT think for yourselves want to take everyone down to your miserable level.
  4. A true "master" guides those to self-mastery..get the bloody books, start reading, start drawing charts or move on!
  5. Haejin is not your banker, master, god. He is spreading the Good News of tried and true TA that has been working for decades.
  6. What he does with his own portfolio is none of anyone's business. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESSES and perhaps you will see your garden's grow through due-diligent SELF-awareness SELF-reliance and responsibility.
  7. Finally BE GRATEFUL not hateful of any knowledge that comes your way. Use Critical Thought to deduce and ask yourself what can I learn from this gift presented to me?

Haejin, Can you do one on TRX (TRON). Its about to hit the japanese exchange tomorrow. Wondering if its a good buy.

Brother please can you do a TA on WaBi?

Extremely grateful for your wonderful analysis Haejin. Yes - there are far too many noobs and people who don't want to learn to fish but just open their mouths instead. But that is to be expected in my opinion. I have learnt great discipline and knowledge from consuming all your content. Thank you.