Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  17 days ago


If you've never read the bitcoin white paper before, you can find it below:


Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 1.27.38 AM.png

Bitcoin has clearly deviated from the original "vision" when the first block was mined on 3 Jan 2009, but the impact it has had and will have in the future is irrevocable. I can only imagine what the world of "e-cash" will look like on 3 Jan 2029 when Bitcoin turns 20.

If just 5% of world trade moves to Bitcoin, it would require bitcoin to be over $1 Million dollars per coin. Lets shoot for 10% of world trade and I'll be happy. :-)


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Happy bitcoin holders soon the price per coin is 1 million dollar

1 mil./bitcoin will probably not happen any time soon.

[...] will look like on 3 Jan 2029 when Bitcoin turns 20.

I believe that the market will be very different in 10 years from now. More and more people will become interested in the crypto space and perhaps some good money from the stock market will move over time in the crypto market. That, of course, will have positive and negative consequences.