Be a Bitcoin Jesus and HODL: We need prophets not profits.

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Jesus is back and his name is Bitcoin.

HODL: We are about to smash the banks. It’s easy to forget how fucking hard it was for us to get to this point in the crypto-wars. We are freedom-fighters in a war against debt. A war that began thousands of years ago, when Jesus tried to un-fuck the money lending system in Jerusalem by overturning the tables of the money lenders.

Jesus was a pacifist. But when it came to the banking industry, he got his little three-line whip out, went into the Temple of the money-lenders and fucked shit up.

However, because Jesus was not a decentralized, semi-anonymous, cryptographic blockchain, the money lenders crucified him and that was it. Then we sunk back into another few thousand years of fiat-currency and debt-based central banking. But Jesus is back and his name is bitcoin.

HODL in the name of the gods

If you’re into Bitcoin for the profit, consider this: What is worth more to you? A few thousand dollars price rise in Bitcoin and then you cash out?

Fuck that!

What about the future of the whole fucking planet? Bitcoin Jesus would hold his coin, and buy more. Not because he wants to purchase a Lamborgini and Instagram himself in an orgy of consumption, but because he wants freedom and equality for all people on Earth.

Bitcoin adoption is the quickest way to unplug the blood-fang that runs from Wall Street into the necks of the workers.

Blood-fang, thy name is fiat currency.

A million dollars isn’t cool; what’s cool is the collapse of the entire banking cartel

Stop thinking about Bitcoin in terms of how much profit you can make, and start thinking about Bitcoin as a political movement. Many conventional stocks have made much more profit than Bitcoin this year, but the media and the government don’t kick up a big fuss about regulating them. So, why all this focus on how ‘volatile’ Bitcoin is?

To quote Sean Parker from that Facebook movie: "You don't even know what the thing is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. This is no time to take your chips down. A million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool?"

The end of debt.

"I generally preach peace on earth, but you debt-based central bankers are fucking me off" — Jesus.

Your government and banks are fucking terrified of Bitcoin HODLers like you.

For the first time since Jesus punched the fuck out of the tables of the money lenders all those years ago, we have a real chance of unseating the vampire-classes. Bitcoin is our best shot at total revolution. It could take years for an alt-coin to attain the same public recognition that Bitcoin has.

Bitcoin’s main value is its visibility and robustness

I get it. Bitcoin fees are absurd and the network is slow and etc. etc. But it’s good enough for our purpose: To destroy and supersede the traditional banking industry. We have a choice today: Either HODL Bitcoin, or back some other crypto and set back the mission by a decade.

Bitcoin might not be perfect, but it’s good enough to storm the walls of this temple and cast the money-lenders out.

Be a Bitcoin Jesus: Together we can un-fuck the banking industry forever.



This will be my favorite post ever read on steemit :D cuz i too believe in HODLing.

I've never agreed with such blasphemy before....I feel your sentiment here. Bitcoin isn't my preferred crypto but I believe there is successful autonomy in cryptos in general.

merry Christmas

Merry HODLmas!

That's why Just Hodl in the name of God :)
Merry Christmas

we all know he is back :) Merry Christmas

Yes :) This time he is both binary and non-binary.

Excellent post
For your post propagation.

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