Do not loose your faith

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

It's actual time to buy new coins very cheaply. But just with money you are not driven crazy by the fact, that it could be lost.
I found a nice Video about the Bitcoin, why everything we did by investing in cryptos was right:

Enjoy it! He just got the high transaction fees wrong.
Many rich people will use the moment to buy in cheaply.


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Absolutely right, it is sale time right now.


I've very happy about the Bitcoin sale but I think it's better to use fiat to buy mining contracts right now. The current drop in value could easily lead to a drop in transactions. In turn, that's likely to lead to a drop in the mining difficulty. As such, I'm inclined to invest in open-ended Bitcoin mining contracts like those available through Genesis Mining (if they weren't sold out) or this mob in Poland:

Faith. Yes it is all about believe.

Friends of crypto please don't flip
Bite the bullet and buy the dip
Crypto coins are now on sale
A blue light special to fill your pail
Don't fret and cry about the prize
Dare you think about it twice
Just jump on board and buy the Low
And see how high the price will go

An original poem inspired


If I share this on other sites, who should I credit?

Nice post @mathsinnature. Thanks for sharing. I liked the video.

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