What do you think about STX??

in #bitcoinlast year

Until now, most people who have enthusiasm on cryptocurrency think that

Bitcoin is just symbol of this ecosystem,

because Bitcoin has just one function that transfer bitcoin from wallet to wallet.

Everybody predicts that market cap of Ether will overtake Bitcoin's market cap, because Ethereum has great scalability and they can develop dapp on ethereum chain ecosystem.

However, I think STX coin will be the game changer of cryptocurrency ecosystem.

STX will make possible to develop dapp on Bitcoin's blockchain, and it is TRUE that Bitcoin is the BOSS of the crypto's eco.

On Defi system, all of the rewards of defi systems are alt coin.

This is not good because alt coin has big price volatility, but if people stacks the STX, then people can get rewards as Bitcoin.

This is so fantastic because Bitcoin is most safe assets.

No alt coins can beat Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will be forevere with STX!!

I recommend you to study about STX , here is the link below.






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