I pay Bitcoin wherever I want! :)

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

I pay Bitcoin wherever I want, in any city and country, and pay at any store, station, etc. without a commission using a VISA card.

Ordering a card costs $ 20 but you can have a 25% discount by signing up with my link:


At logon you can enter the data you want, only the real address so that it comes without a problem :)

For now, there are Pre-Paid cards but they are working on introducing Pay-Pass.

Monthly account maintenance fee is $ 1

On the wirex side you have a BTC wallet and when you need cash you change BTC to currency such as USD or EURO or Pound - depending on which card you order.

The course is updated on a regular basis.

Waiting for 7-10 days - also soon :)

The cost of card delivery is FREE.

And here is my card


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