Wars between Bticoin and Bitcoin Cash is simply stupid!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

A lot of people blame the stock brokers and hedge fund for the cryptomarket crash recently from a Bitcoin price of close to $20,000 to its low of $6000 or other factors such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. While those are all potential issues, let me point you in a different direction in the war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.

While internet wars and hacks to be-little one another between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is extremely apparent, it puzzles me as to why such heated debate while neither coin has much real world uses. Both of them are major cryptocurrencies. The keyword is "crypto currencies", yes that's right; at its core it is a currency digitally. If any project or use cases doesn't fit the term cryptocurrency or can't be used as a currency whether digital or in paper, it is simply not a currency of any kind period.

Besides all of the cryptocurrencies out there, is Bitcoin a currency that people can trade freely as proponents of it claims? Can you buy anything with it? The answer to that is NOT REALLY. Besides people like you and I who are into cryptocurrency that trades them through exchanges, are there stores that are growing with the adoption of Bitcoin or the likes of it?

Nope! As a matter of fact, those that have tried it have mostly abandoned it. Steam gave it a pass, Microsoft gave it a pass. You know why? It is simply not stable due to the price volatility and fees in association with it. Therefore, I say before we put our boxing gloves on and destroy each party between supporters of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash let's fix the real problem here which is the ease of adoption.

At the end of the day, if NO one adopts Bitcoin in the real world it will only be another project of the past when something new and cool shows up just like everything else in this world. The newest girl on block will always be the new attraction in town, the same goes for the newest games over older ones. Bitcoin programmers need to wake up, it is no longer just a "program" that pockets of people can get into. If the original purpose was for mainstream adoption and it has failed to do so, it must be fixed immediately sooner rather then later. If we are honest with ourselves there simply isn't a solid reach for either one towards the general public due to its volatility. The block size of how large is ideal dulls in comparison to the main issue at hand isn't it?

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