Watch out for traps! (Bitcoin)

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Keep an eye on volumes and price movements. If BTC will crush $3,600 we might see even $3,750 but i still consider this as possible trap, so keep you stop losses on!

Don't forget it's Friday. If you are trader, not investor, I would definitely keep an eye on price from time to time.


Bitcoin is in a good position for day trading right now. If you carefully watch you can buy in the valleys and sell at the peaks several times a day.

Personally, I am mining and holding. My strategy is based on a low threshold for risk and small investment though.

Sounds good .. but it's less profitable now tomorrow you will get a big 1btc = 10000$ it's gonna happen :)

The same number of coins are being mined at $3000 per coin as were at $5000 per coin. So every coin I get at $3000 has a growth potential when it hits $10000.

Absolutely! I have no idea why i see "stop mining now" videos on YT.

If people stop mining I'm fine with that. It opens up more resources at lower prices for me to mine more ;)

Sure, always happy to upvote good stuff.

Bitcoin will be at 10k by year end .. no doubt HOLD HOLD HOLD !

I don't believe it to be honest, but I would love to be wrong!