Fear Uncertainty and Doubt...

in #bitcoin4 years ago

... but definitely not Death!

Guys, Bitcoin is here to stay and none of these FUD messages like from JP morgan won't change it. Cryptocurrency market is still new/fresh and there is a LOT of fresh blood - unexperienced blood who panic because they invested much more than they should.

  • If you bought cryptocurrencies just hold them.
  • you you play with CFD then I assume you know what you are doing...
  • watch out for pump&dump groups. IF you really wanna use it - test it first, otherwise you can loose a lot of money
  • educate yourself. There is a lof of good videos/articles on the internet. Even if you spend couple of hours you will learn really valuable knowledge
  • ask yourself if you are an investor or trader

That's just couple of points which just came to my head today when I was reading all the news, telegram messages, YT videos etc..

People, CALM DOWN, do your own due diligence, WAIT, and buy the dip. Don't look for perfect trade, because you can't predict everything.


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