Police Raid In South Korean Crypto Exchanges Is Fake News!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

The fakestream media has done it again! Doing the thing that they do best: Fake story and over dramatic exaggerated narration of stories the way they want you to hear it.

Cryptocurrency prices have been plummeting since the news from the fakestream media has circulated like a bad bacteria. Fake news writes there was a police raid in South Korean exchanges when in reality, it was an unexpected friendly visit. Raid and visit are two different words that have totally different meanings. Check it out from Joseph Young, a Hong Kong based freelance writer who explains why the story is fake:





Lesson learned, the fake news media have a vested interest on everything they write. A lot of their correspondents are puppets. They are paid to write things that are meant to produce a reaction from the public for their advantage. I think that people should listen to fake news for the sake of going against its implications. So when fake stream media says, bitcoin or altcons will tank, it's probably a good signal to hold on to it or buy some more. Let's not panic, folks. We need to patronize technology that will shape society for the better. Eventually, it's the people who will choose what currency to use. If we are consistently swayed by propaganda, we will just let those scumbags control us.

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