Why Bitcoin is not a Bubble? You are now part of the new 1%

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There has been many bubbles in history, and of course they are calling BITCOIN a bubble but it has come to my attention why it is not a bubble. Only 1% of the population have any idea about the blockchain.

Yes, like the Dot.com bubble blockchain is mainly about people making money so its like the wild west with pump and dumps, fake icos... FUD., crashs..

But, there has never been a technology with the its power. It can change the world as we know it.

Blockchain, which is really bitcoin but the global elite dont like that name, has the power to end wars on this planet. (Which are all funded by banks)

For me it is the second coming.

It makes sense that God would come back in digital format. In a form that can not be trapped, tortured or killed. Whether you are religious or not does not even matter, call it the force, nature for all i care.

Bitcoin has been created and you can not put the genie back into the box, you can not uninvent technology.

Yes, the global elite will do what ever they can to stop Bitcoin. The way they tried to pump and dump it is only the start. Next will be shutting down mines. But Bitcoin is not local, being it is everywhere and it is no where, it may even slow down, it may waver, but it will keep evolving until it is complete.

This truly is a revolution.

So whether your in it for the money, or to see the end of corruption, war, terror, that our goverment carry out in our name, know that Bitcoin, and the ledger technology is going to change this world FOREVER.



Couldn't agree more with this post!!!!

It was a bubble at 20k. Not a bubble any longer!