Bitcoin Looking Very Like a Bear Market is beginning

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 22.44.10.png

After a sell off day there has been a charge from the BULLS but are they playing into the BEARS hands? If the above happens then sadly we are in a BEAR MARKET. What can you do, stay calm and hodl cause crypto can change in an instant. Made a few mistakes but constantly learning which is all that you can expect.

Looking around crypto at the popular Teanical analysis's it is very clear that crypto is full of amatuers... when people are asking what is litecoin doing, what about EOS, Verge, Steem, etc etc etc.

After the month we've have had people are still asking these questions, which is very very sad. Everything follows bitcoin, Bitcoin is the only coin worth talking about. Yes, you can make money on the alts, on paper that is, unless you cash out you will watch your gains drain away, 3-4 times during the year.

People dont want to understand this but, the banks, wall street, the fed, IRS do not want Bitcoin to win they want to crush it, and what better way to do that than pump it up to 70-100k then pull there money again.

This time however there will be 10s of millions of people involved.

This is just for information purposes only.