Bitcoin is the only coin, the rest are a waste of space.

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This correction of Bitcoin has made it very very clear that it is the only coin worth talking about. The rest can make you money yes,,, ON PAPER, that is it, ON PAPER. none of them are worth anything or will very be worth anything. Bitcoin has the best crew and team. Developers, engineers etc etc etc.

When it solves all the issues in has with scalability etc, it will be able to do everything. There will be branchs, companies etc all of it.

Use the alts to get Bitcoin.

When the whole of cryptp drops and rise exactly at the same time there is something bigger going on.


I loving this crash. Sue me! It getting rid of all the bitconnect type shits. It getting rid of the quick richers and the perfect time for the herders who know nothing about crypto to leave. Ripple=crypto don't make me laugh.
Verge= privacy? Hah please tell me your kidding oh wait nope!
And this perfect time for bitcoin to develop their own eth platform
And now bitcoin can scale with the LN. Core can finally work on other scaling soltions without increasing block size:
And make bitcoin private:
This crash is good for tech to develop and pumps won't happen over stupid coins .

What about Steemit EoS and other Cryptos looking to fill in niche gaps in the market? Do you guys think they will all be taken over by Bitcoin and and Bitcoin sidechains? How do they improve Bitcoin Tech and do they have to create a hard fork every time in order to do so? sorry about these newb questions.

RSK is a Bitcoin Sidechain — a separate blockchain that carries a "separate token" but is able to exchange tokens back and forth with the main Bitcoin blockchain. Users can move bitcoin to the RSK chain, make use of the converted bitcoin, and then eventually move their tokens back, as bitcoin, to the main blockchain by a 2waypeg(aka making decentralized bitcoin backed tokens) . Summing this paragraph uses a decentralized process to create bitcoin backed tokens
Here how they peg bitcoin to smart bitcoin. Remember 1 smart bitcoin=1 bitcoin

No hardfork needed it, it merged mine with same chain.