Bitcoin/Crypto, 2018 Is Going To Be Bigger Than 2017

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After the crash and all the FUD, you maybe thinking to yourself, did i miss the train. Was 2017 the year that the big money was to be made.

If you are thinking these things then you are not alone but today whike flicking through youtube a video of Tai Lopez caught my attention, Love HIm or Hate Him he has millions of followers plus seems to have alot of money behind him. His youtube video ads go on for months.

2017 was for he most part undercover, yes it was pumped on CNBC and other channels but in 2018 it is going to be pumped by all these internet guru, make a million in a year guys. This is going to pump this bigger than it ever was before.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.46.32.png

It will take a couple of months to calm this storm as its a rough place to be at the moment but it will pass.... Bitcoin is going to have an even bigger year, so is Ethereum and Litecoin. All the top coins are going to have there day.

Will there be crashs.. Yes there will be alot of them, the whales will pull there money again and again but if you take profits when you have them then 2018 will be huge.

A few developments would also add favour to the cake.

Yes prices can dip again before they go up but by NOV DEC the prices you see now in crypto will seem rock bottom.

THE BITCOIN CURVE IS AN ADOPTION CURVE, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. Only 1% of the world knows about crypto, what happens if that changes to 20% in 2018???

All information for entertainment purpose only. Your money your decisions.


thank you for the tremendous update