Bitcoin (BTC) The Bears Are Here Until the Big Money Arrives?

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We are clearly in a BEAR MARKET now, anyone that says differently is refusing to see and speak about the facts. For anyone that does not know there is a head and shoulders pattern on the market cap of all crypto. The first shoulder was the Bitcoin crash then the head was created by the alt coins boom, then that drained away, then the last shoulder was the final drive by the BULLS.

Once the neckline breached all the big investors, the remaining pros got out. Knowing they will buy at cheaper prices, i myself even reading the signs am afraid to pull money in case there is a bounce. This is inexperience, afraid to lose the little i have.

The pro traders have the ability to detach from there feelings, thats the only way to make life changing money fast. But its very hard to do. below is a graph of what i think is going to happen.

As someone pointed out it takes $5000 to make a Bitcoin so would be surprised if it falls below that. But thats where it is heading. Once it finds support then and only then will the safe money, Wall street etc arrive.

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this is so bad all crypto falls down including STEEM !!!

upwhale, here is a little hope it rises again! check it out
: [ BITCOIN should SOAR again THIS WEEK! ] according to CNBC... for more info check out my blog:

CNBC is the reason we are in this mess, its good for entertainment but please dont use there trading They are the ones that dumped and dumped ripple.

Dan the creator hasnt worked on STEEM for over 8 months, he is 110% working on EOS. I really dont understand why he is not working 110% on STEEM cause for me its the future of socail media, i mean this could be the next FACEBOOK. But if Dan waits to long i can see Mark zuberg nick his idea.

Dan will be building a new social media platform on EOS, he announced it on Telegram. He wants to solve the problem of Steem's very unequal distribution, and the presence of bad actors and bullies, and bots.

This could be true, if so it's the best news we could possibly have! If it's going below $4,000 then most of the losses are already priced in, and if this turns out to be an extended bear market then it will give us all time to accumulate large positions at the bottom, before the next bubble.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

That is the right attitude. Yes everyone that hasnt pumped all there money in, is enjoying the cheaper prices, but with alot ot amatuer traders in the market, anything can happen. Im far from pro but learning constantly, still make mistakes but the last few weeks has sorted out my portfolio, to the coins that I care about and those that im going to use to get more Bitcoin.

From being through a few of these crashes I've learnt that it's so much more painful being out of the market watching the coins you love go up 10x, 20x or more, than it is being in the market and watching your portfolio drop 70%, 80% or more, when you know it will eventually recover.

Personally I have a rule of only buying at the absolute bottom, at the tail end of a long correction. I never chase a coin, no matter what it is. Once it's gone up, I don't buy any more. That protects you from ever losing real money. Whatever gains you have are pure profit, even if a coin goes down a lot from the all time high.

It's the emotional aspect of investing that burns people, panic buying on the way up, and panic selling on the way down. Buy at the bottom and hold is the best strategy.

What coins are you planning on buying during this correction?

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