When to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Cryptocurrencies are crashing so you turn on the television to catch the latest market news. but instead of cnbc or cnn, imagine that you can tune in to the crypto investor network (CNI). On CNI the big talk is how prices of crypto currencies are on sale, bitcoin on sale 50 percent, Ethereum on sale 40 percent, Litecoin on sale 60 percent. You tune in the following day to the crypto investor network anchorman say prices have dropped even more the sale continue making them more affordable. The best time to buy is when things are on sale. People buy food when food prices are on sale. People buy gas when gas prices are low. falling crypto prices are a good thing. The longer and further crypto prices fall the better. Instead of fearing a correction or bear market an investor should embrace it. ![download.jpg]