Dollar cost Average will always make you money with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Day trading and swing trading usually never work. Dollar cost average long term with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the best way to make money. We all know bitcoin is going to reach $100,000 in the next 2 to 3 years, but we do not know when the corrections and the bear market will happen. That is why every investor should have a buying strategy for the long term. Every person cost average will be different just because everyone income is different. Cost averaging is when an investor buys in intervals . You must buy regardless of what the price is. If you buy 3 Litecoins when it was at 50 dollars a coin, then you still should be buying at 100 dollars but instead of you getting three coins you will only be getting 1 1/2. As long as you continue to buy you will maximize your gains and It reduce your risk. You should always buy low if you truly believe the coin will go higher in the next 5 years. Cryptocurrencies have a lot of volatility and DCA allows you to buy at the optimum time.