The US Dollar Selloff Continues. By Gregory Mannarino

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It is certainly no secret that we have been witnessing an ongoing selloff with regard to the US dollar which is concerning. (Even the mainstream financial media is covering it), and that should tell you something...

The selloff in the dollar is playing out in a very interesting way, for example: Bitcoin has been surging during this dollar sell off, and It should be obvious to everyone at this point that king dollar is well, losing it.

So what's the issue here?
As the US dollar continues to be dumped it loses purchasing power, and therefore anyone holding a dollar is in reality becoming poorer despite holding the same amount of them.
I cannot stress this point enough, the SmartMoney continues, and will continue to diversify out of the dollar and other world central bank issued Fiat currency's.

Gregory Mannarino
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New name for the Man!: Greg Get It Done Mannarino!
Greg The Lion Mannarino!
Let me know.

Thanks. Have a great weekend and keep your stick on the ice!

Lion Mann get you some nice Red Suspenders for your youtube videos - Cool Mann Greg. Have great weekend Greg.

The dollar will begin its 18 year cycle with a 9 year downturn period to the eurocurrencies as it always has done. This will probably be very bullish for precious metals.

Check out this post for more on the cycles of weakening US dollar and the current state of the dollar.

Thanks for the info. I will check it out later as I am about to head to the lake and catch some Trout! I hope anyways. Lol

Great info. Bitcoin hit 1950 this morning. I can remember just a few months ago you talked about bitcoin passing gold. Its crushing gold right now. Silver and bitcoin thats wants in my wallet. Resteemed.

It's diffently a reflex. Check out my blog. Its like every other post. Since he got on steemit hes kicking out a lot more post and videos. Loving it.

Anything you do here, you are on plus: posting, commenting, resteeming, your rep will grow.

bitcoin can't crush gold. it's different.

Silver is junk compared to cryptos

I agree, you shouldn't buy any. I'm not done stacking it yet. Thanks

Thanks Greg - This info gives us a strong clue that Bitcoin is here to stay.

Wait until you see what Pocket Change does... Check out some of my blogs... @pocketechange

I've seen other countries getting away from the dollar more and more. It's only a matter of when not if the US losses it's reserve status.

The dollars will come back to our Country, but the time is coming that the Banks will only give one cent for every dollar coming back... @pocketechange

Its not the only reserve currency... Its has the larger percentage of use for sure. Then there are the SDRs issued by the IMF which are backed by the gold the particular country holds to borrow money through SDRs.

Cryptonians waiting for the Fiat Free Fall while the sheeple cannot even imagine it happening.

I cant wait for the cryptos to take down the corrupt as hell US Dollar!

Greg as always you tell it like it really is

Than's because I got your back my friend.

backed by nothing but trust. Get some metal :)

Down the dollar goes. Where it stops, nobody knows....

Thanks Greg, your updates are always appreciated!
And I'm here because of your advice :)

I have posted some Blogs about the old and the new dollar... @pocketechange

thank you Greg, I have been watching the dollar go down and also the baltic dry go down also, love the work you do keeping us informed and my favorite quote of yours be your on banker.

Keep exchanging the fiat for crytpo and precious metals while you still can!

Thanks Greg.
There is always two sides to the trade though...hopefully most of us are on the other side and have loaded up with PM's and crypto!

Thank you for the update.

Greg, remember keep a eye on the bond market!

Even my little ones know the dollar loses value over time.

Keep up the great work Greg. It's good to get real information.

Thanks for the update!

For the last 18 months, you have been my daily teacher (among others, like Bill Holter and Mike Maloney, Greg Hunter & the X22 report interviews, just to name a few) on the stock market tips/trading as I continue to learn. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even know about the importance of the Bond Market and the DXY, hoarding physical precious metals (my term), etc. As I see the Dow climb this morning, I am watching the DXY plummet and I continue to learn and understand the crazy corruption going on. I invest in ETF's (I know how you feel about that), but I make money on them (when they turn their head and don't manipulate the price for 10 minutes). Thank you for your life's mission to teach, for your heart to help others, especially when this stuff comes so easy for you. Not so much for me, but little by little, it makes sense.

Mr. Mannarino drops another Truth Bomb...way to go Greg. The truth will set us all free. Fake news will enslave us.

They are now saying on the radio that whole countries can and have banned cryptocurrency (even the internet altogether). This makes me wary... -your thoughts

Who is they? The fake news or the real news? Let's see what Greg says.....

As i said on your post regarding the same issue yesterday.
The (smart) money seek for anything right now to escape the USD/FIAT currency system .. And TPTB fear propaganda on all MSM has paid of when it comes to the weak hands,
Still people chose Bitcoin and other alt coins rather than staying in the crashing FIAT system run and created by The FED.
The dominos IS start to fall.. For REAL!
Ps. Do you got your physical gold and silver for when the music stops?! ;)

Hi Greg,

Do you think gold and silver sky rocket within next week?

I have also post a link on my steemit blog on how Singapore is going to maintain herself as 1 of the top financial hub in the world. Do comment if you have the time. Cheers

Why is GLD getting smashed at the same time as the USD choking? I lost quite a bit of money on crude oil and gold which is getting confusing, can volatility explain this Greg @marketreport?

Both markets are rigged against the small time trader

DR. Jim Willie predicted this back in 2014 or so.

Market Man!!! You should get tee shirts made with a double M logo on them. Just like super man! I would buy one! You can put your contact info on the back. LOL!

The dollar seems to be losing against all currencies, metals, and crypto. Watch out though, they can slam the metals easily on Monday, if they want.

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Yes, there has a selloff of the dollar at my house too. I mean, why else would I have only $13.00 in my wallet????

Just another compelling reason to go crypto

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