People On The Market. A Quick Look Into What I Am Hearing. By Gregory Mannarino

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Thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of people write to me every week and a great many of them are totally convinced that this is THE BIG ONE for the market… Well, the more I hear people being bears, the more bullish I become, and I just cannot help it.

Bearish sentiment is growing, fast, and this tells me that many people are selling potentially profitable positions/companies stocks out of FEAR! And FEAR can be great opportunity if you have a long enough time horizon..

Is it possible that the market has more to fall? Absolutely.. but to me I still believe that there are deals to be made- companies to buy on the cheap. Again, with a long enough time horizon.

Lately, I would say over the past month especially, there are all kinds of gold and silver haters- people accusing me of being totally irresponsible for saying that I believe people need to own PHYSICAL gold and especially silver. The same for cryptocurrencies.

I have covered in my video blog at length repeatedly WHY I believe that people need exposure to gold, silver, other commodities and yes cryptocurrencies- very many people, more and more lately, seem to be totally against all of these.

So it seems that again, VERY many people do not want exposure to ANY stocks or sectors of the market.. nor do they want exposure to physical gold or silver.. and even more do not want exposure to any cryptocurrency.

Well- all that is left then is to be in a 100% cash position and I think that is just nuts.

In my opinion, and I will not waver on this, if you can have exposure to ONE ASSET in this environment, it would be physical silver.

The rest is just conversation.



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