Dr. Harding Interview Removed.

in #bitcoin2 months ago

Well we all knew this was coming…

YouTube removed my interview with Dr. Harding. Not even a Medical Professional on the front lines of medicine is allowed to go against the mainstream narrative.. FREE thought is not permitted and YOU MUST comply.



thank you very much for sharing the news,

the government is hiding everything from us, have a good day and have a great mood

Nothing to do with it.

I'm sorry I couldn't hear your interview

Thanks for keeping us updated.

I also have noticed this on your channel.

You are really doing the great job.

This is the main problem of YouTube.

I think it was not any medical misinformation.

Thanks for putting it up and it lasted longer than I thought it would. Freedom freedom where has it gone.

Thanks again for keeping us updated with the MarketReport, Gregory Mannarino - @marketreport.

That YouTube did is wrong, we do not agree with that atrosity. Count on us. We support you.

Terimakasih banyak bapak atas infonya nya

Thanks you so much sir for sharing

Thanks again for sharing the information, Gregory Mannarino - @marketreport. Too late, I saw it, Gregory Mannarino
@marketreport, Dr. Harding Interview Removed.

We do not agree with what YouTube did, we will continue to support you. Greetings.

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