Bitcoin: Have A Look At This Chart Pattern. By Gregory Mannarino

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At the risk of being blamed for spreading FUD (lol), I would like to get a few opinions on the chart pattern below with regard to Bitcoin (circled in white).



I am keeping my opinion out of this, there are a lot of very smart people who follow this blog.

So tell me..

What Do You Think?

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."


The chart is just one risk of Bitcoin. 80% of Mining is in China. China could destroy Bitcoin like this. Bitcoin is slow and expensive. Bitcoin is very risky. I don't see any long term value in Bitcoin. Nevertheless it could soar. Steemit or Ether or the much more better option.

Buying opportunities on the horizon :-)

Agreed! ...Salivating at the chance to get more cheap BTC!

I would not touch bitcoin and any other coin when we have steemit.
Because steem coin is the best.........
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Thanks Greg.

I am the Great Cornholio! Would you like to see my portfolio? I have a portfolio in my bunghole, with my óleo!

If Bitcoin confirms double top it could drop below $12,000.00.
If that happens it automatically triggers head & shoulder pattern which would take us to $8,000.00.
Major drop is inevitable, crypto market needs to flush out all speculators. If there are more believers than speculators then crypto will hold $8,000.00 level otherwise prepare for crash.

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Looks like head and shoulders:/

It is a head and shoulders. One that won't work tho... the measured move of what @marketreport shows in the post is approximately 7000 points. there is another H&S after the larger that should work tho. I however just posted on my blog this chart, straight from my trading platform. I am not trying to drive attn to myself. Just don't want ya to think that this is a H&S pattern that will work :) Happy New Year!

It is astonishing that the current currency is going down, how I saw your post, I miss you a lot, you have missed a lot of videos

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Looks like some head and shoulders to me, I also have no idea what I'm talking about....

Head and shoulders!

The head part does not have the volume. So it is technically not a full blown head and shoulders pattern. Still not a good sign.

Very good. You are correct the volume isn't right.

Clearly a H&S pattern.

Means nothing in crypto

I would not touch bitcoin when we have steemit.
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Definitely head & shoulders.
Much more downside to come.
Thanks for the chart.
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I wonder if Litecoin & Ethereum are doing the same?

Kinda looks like it's trying to shoot the finger byrd, too.

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I don't know what to think Greg, 30ish % corrections have been the norm with bitcoin. For me the long term it is probably going to be replaced by 'hashgraph', which looks far superior to the blockchain while giving us all the benefits it does without the need for miners or the vast resources to run the bitcoin blockchain. Upped and resteemed, thanks Greg.

the wheat and chaff always need to be separated. Within a Month the charts should show a more level continuation trench, the current one is unsustainable in my opinion, and would lead to Bitcoin being worth $32 Million USD by 2020 if the past 7 months trend didn't stop. It will stop for other reasons, and the FUD (which is palpable in mainstream media) will help pull the price down hopefully.

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Anyone, and i mean anyone, that knows anything about block chain technology would not touch BitCoin with a barge pole. There are some very exciting alt coin and currency aps being developed as we speak that will run on the hashgraph platform that will make the block chain and almost all of the existing cryptos look like old news and most probably render them valueless

We are on the same page here, hashgraph looks amazing.

Bull trap, return to "normal" then fear......

thanks for info... Bitcoin is still above 15500 $ in india

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You have shown a great deal of how the current position of Bitcoin is rising and once it is going on stage, we use them to have a little problem thanks to sharing friends

A healthy correction. There will come a time were the inverse will show and will the CME be able to take credit for that as well??? I guarantee you that if the cme never announced the BTC futures we wouldn't have seen that large run up. The big boys were buying the physical Just in case the CME blew the top off of BTC, Its call hedging. So the big boys are covered both ways, Short the cme make $$ there in the short term because they just bought a pile of the BTC and ran up the price. Then after all the weak hands are out, never to return the will have the BTC and go long on the futures to kill it. Your thoughts???

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Hello, I have found that I have a bitcoin as a result of very long researches. While waiting for the most suitable level to buy, 61000 TL sedan sedan seems to pass these levels in the first week of the year. I think that the new investor can be seen as a backward safe port for 1 week. I will arrive at the most convenient time in January 2018, these prices can not see bile in the dream.. @marketreport

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There's a lot of ripples. These can be called risky and useful at the same time. Because you can make a profit. Or it can be seen as if the spanner is going to the wrong end. But if you are patient and risk-taking, you can have successful attacks. @marketreport
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would not touch bitcoin and whatever other coin when we have steemit.

Since steem coin is the best

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It is amazing that people see patterns in charts. Just buy the damn thing.

Apsoloutely head & shoulders.
Much more downside to come.
Thanks for the chart.
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The head part does not have the volume. So it is technically not a full blown head and shoulders pattern. Still not a good sign.Also thanks for your post.
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The head part does not have the volume. So it is technically not a full blown head and shoulders pattern. Still not a good sign.Also thanks for your post.
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Looks like a bunch of people are riding 15,000-17,000. Then it swings a little past and reverses. they are making a pile of money. 10 bitcoins making the swing twice a week+ $20,000. 10 shares of XYZ going from 15.00-17.00 makes us poor folk a measly $20.00. After paying for our trade we barely break even. If I had the money for 10 Bitcoin, I would sooner put the money in XYZ. There are going to be a bunch more people loosing their butts and a few making a killing. The way it looks from the saddle on my camel !

Btcoin is most important to us.if we lose by BTcoin we ggoing poor in on night. Thanks greg for your chart.........
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Looks like some head and shoulders to me, I also have no idea what I'm talking about....

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Upvoted and resteemed @marketreport ! Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may not survive in the long run, but blockchain technology is here to stay. Bitcoin was a great way to introduce cryptocurrencies to the world, and now it's time for the big boys to move in with a show of their own. Theres already talk about the "Fedcoin" and "Utility Settlement Coin" which is supposed to be "asset-backed digital cash" being concocted by four of the largest banks in the world. Here is a article from ZeroHedge about it...

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Head and shoulder patern

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Buying opportunities on the horizon :-)

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It doesn´t look good from the TA perspective - on the other hand, I still hope that Ether, Ripple or Cardano jump in as a stable substitute to the outdated BTC

Looks like a head and shoulders pattern ready for a downfall

I am running a small experiment on getting BTC out of an exchange and into purse or JM bullion to buy coins. I started small with $100 worth of BTC and it was 48 hours without verification. I canceled that one and went to $200 worth and am again at 24 hours. I will cancel that one tonight and try for $400. The point is, BTC is no longer functioning. Unless you are trading whole bitcoins, the greedy miners don't bother with your transaction. You can buy and sell in exchanges but getting it out to coinbase or other avenues to sell is expensive and takes forever.

You can always deal in other coins, but the metal dealers take USD or BTC.

This is the FOMO stage. Don't be sheep.

Dealing with an international marketplace trading cryptos 24/7 with central banks and their gov't stooges, Deep State agendas, political instabilities galore I'd reckon there's much to keep all traders - be they bonds, real estate, stocks - a bit twitchy.

For every positive "expert", there's a differing "expert" opinion. It's all rigged and fake and like George Carlin used to say, "'s a Big Club and me and you ain't in it!" So, in answer to your question - WTF Knows? A monkey chucking darts at a sheet of predictions is about a likely to hit what'll happen as the "experts."

That said I review you and X22 daily for your thoughts - you may be right or wrong but at least you take what I think are reasonable guesses and I certainly appreciate your thinking.

In the meantime, the best we can do is to pay the price of a ticket, buckle up, and HODL for an exciting roller coaster ride - yeeeehaaaawww! I feel like Slim Pickens riding the Big One.

Thanks for dropping by during your holidays, Mate. Best Wishes to you and Yours and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Cheers

Thanks Greg.Your last 6 days ago's post you said
About BTCoing when price was going low.Thanks man for your Support.I like your website.. Now Btcoin prices is grough up..... day by day......

Another great report, thank you.

I think it's a bunch of lines moving up and down. It looks like a H&S pattern but the MM implies a drop of 7000 points, and the volume doesn't confirm the pattern. There is a smaller one that looks better but this chart implies otherwise. I posted this today...

I think that it is going to go up. This is my opinion. Anyways, Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thank you. I take that as a buy the dip coming heads up. Resteemed.

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Head & Shoulders!

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I actually havent noticed that yet. might be a good time to take some off the table. Thanks as always Greg!

head and shoulder?

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