Bitcoin: Again! The Tail Is Wagging The Dog. By Gregory Mannarino

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Right now Bitcoin futures are being bid higher on the CME exchange. We can now expect that Bitcoin will follow. (Bitcoin was lower earlier on Coindesk, but is now higher as well).

It is really quite hard to argue.
Ever since Bitcoin began trading on the CME Futures exchange, (at it's top near 20K), and was being bid lower Bitcoin followed. Now they are bidding it higher on the CME exchange and poof! Bitcoin shortly follows.
Just The Wall Street wizards doing their thing...

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Thanks Greg. Hopefully there is enough demand and new comers to make the dog part more significant.
Do you think gold price creeping up is going to continue and break 1300?

@oldman28... I have followed the precious metals market for over 12 years, and Yes I think both gold and silver will do really well in 2018. Maybe not as well as the Crypto space, but better than it has in the last few years. We are in a crack up boom in all sectors, the metals have lagged but I suspect that is about to change and we could see a great rally in PM.

@vinmaru...Crypto will most probably soar higher then the metals. Nevertheless I would put the bigger part of stockpile to metals. There are 2 Cryptos (Ether and Steemit) with use in real life. 2018 will change the ranking of cryptos massively. Gold and Silver will stay.

Yes this is happening, I congratulate you once again. But even with this rise, the btc is under $ 20000. Will this rise continue? @mafsteem

@slacer10...I can see the direction of Steem and Ether quit clear. But not for Bitcoin. Clif High is telling Bitcoin will soar end of february to march. I think this is realistic. There is more potential in other Cryptos. Steem is a very good entry point now. Steem came down from 8.30 to 5.40$ and is now around 6.40$. Good opportunity. Ether I would wait.

I expect the ether to fall already for to invest on your recommendation.But What do you think about ripple?? in a little while showed a rapid increase.can it get even higher? @mafsteem

@aquia10...First I wouldn't buy ripple because it's the crypto of the banks. It's like dollar. They can print as many ripple they want to. From the chart point I wouldn't buy now because the move up is already done. Ether the same. Wait for a big pullback. Steem would be a good buy now.

@mafsteem I was thinking of investing in steem and ether.It looks like I will buy steem.but expect the ether to fall.
Thanks for information..

@mafsteem Damn! Again I did not compare and write with the bandwidth error. Ethereum looks very bright. Steem state made us all happy. He even affected our shares. Due to the difference in exchange rates it was compared with the increase in them.

@slayer10...Ethereum looks very very bright now. But I would wait for a big pullback. Steem is a good buy now.

Yes @mafsteem STEEM is doing very nice work. If there is a fluctuation, it will result in a lot of increase. Bencede steem will be more and more involved.

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What are your thoughts on digibyte?

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Agreed! Not sure how I feel about it though. I would hate to have them treat it the way they do gold and silver. Can't let it get too high.

Watching closely if that’s really is the case. I believe it because you said it.
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Thank you!
It’s realy great to have you back!
We need Robin Hood of Wall Street in town.

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well thanx to update on btc and hope next we see more updates on all crypto on ur blog @greg and i also check ur website always

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I hope they will never introduce futures on steem/SBD.
Wall street running ruins every free market.

I am just wondering if Bitcoin is going to devour wallstreet! or Will wallstreet pump this sht to oblivion! Upvoted and resteemed

And, as I think you said, they own no bitcoin! What a sleazy way they have to usurp markets.

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Greg I have a question, in your last post you suggested that it was showing a head and shoulders pattern, in a manipulated market wouldn't standard technical analysis not apply in this situation?

I have another question, could the futures be soaring because 2 hours ago the Chinese markets opened. It just seems like every time the futures get bid up its about the time that Asia is about to wake up for the day. A huge amount of volume is traded in China, in fact is more than the US.

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sir BitCoin this week how to trace a path?Will it be reduced?rejoice if you share your ideas.

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It's been a lot of low volume stuff in Wall street and the crypto world. Volume should start picking up again in a week or so once the fat cats come back from their vacations.

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Since they started the futures at CME, you can see the big ones playing Ping-Pong with the Bitcoin...mission accomplished 😁😁

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Is the time to buy Bitcoin, sir ?

The Blockbuster Video stores, I mean the BANKS are getting scared! Good article!

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I think I told you it would rebound. Glad to see you've come around to my way of thinking.

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As much as I think that BTC has no future and nothing to offer, I really want it to go up as all other cryptos' prices seem to be directly dependent on it's price, dammit :-)

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Btc: Again! The Tail Is Wagging The Dog.
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Greg is right on the money. Watch BTCf8 and you will know which way the BTC price will head towards.

Thank you for your update.

Please explain to me exactly how a future is bid down. I know what shorting is. I have never heard of futures being bid down. Is this on level2? If so, which MMer is usually the axe? It just kinda sounds like Price Action to me. In other words an easy way to explain away being wrong.

Charting and technical analysis is hardly ever wrong. Traders on the other hand (esp.) retail traders suck at reading the tape. Are you sure this isn't a way to explain away being wrong? Truly curious what bidding down and up does and exactly "how it's done". Thanks

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