Hex FreeClaim Step by Step Process

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 I have most of my Bitcoin holdings secured with a Ledger Nano X. I used the latest version of the Electrum wallet to sign the transactions. I used the Brave browser and the MetaMask extension to claim the free Hex.

Note: There is a mandatory 350 day staking period when claiming the free Hex for Bitcoin holders. I was not aware of this requirement until I tested the process for real.

I do not advise putting any ETH into the Hex project. I suggest just sticking with the freeclaim. That way you cannot lose any money.

Here is the process I went through:

  1. Plugged my Ledger device into my computer via USB and entered my PIN
  2. Opened the Bitcoin app on my Ledger device
  3. Opened up the Electrum app on my laptop
  4. Selected to use a hardware wallet and selected my Ledger device
  5. View menu > Show addresses
  6. Sort addresses by Balance, highest first
  7. Opened up the Brave browser on my laptop
  8. Unlocked my MetaMask browser extension
  9. Navigated to https://go.hex.win/
  10. Click the notice to connect MetaMask to the Hex website
  11. Clicked the Claim tab on the HEX website
  12. Right clicked and copied the first Bitcoin address from Electrum, pasted it into the HEX website
  13. Copied the message text provided by the HEX website
  14. Right clicked on the address I just used in Electrum and selected sign/verify message
  15. Paste the message given by the HEX website into the message box
  16. Click the sign button ONCE and wait
  17. Authorised the signing on my Ledger device
  18. Copy and paste the signature that is generated by Electrum and past it into the Hex website (into the signature box)
  19. Click submit claim
  20. Confirmed the Ethereum transaction when the MetaMask window popped up
  21. Wait for the transaction to confirm on the Ethereum network (15 seconds)
  22. Done
  23. Repeat this process from step 12 with each Bitcoin address that had a balance on the 2nd of December when the snapshot was taken

ha, nice to see you're still here

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How many hex can you get per bitcoin address this way?

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What does hex do? is it a solid project in your opinion? cheers

What does hex do? is
It a solid project in
Your opinion? cheers

                 - juanete20

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Sorry but revealing your BTC address to get some worthless HEX tokens is idiotic, privacy matters.

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