Bitcoin 📉 Correction = Manipulation?

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Annoyingly, the short trade setup I described in detail yesterday would have gone perfectly well. After a break down below 7,600, we ran all the way down (and past) 6,830. This is why I said the plan was to tighten up the stop loss as we approached each profit target.

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Thanks CC.. I will take every drop with my "hodlers mindset" and make small buying of BTC ...

I can't pretend to understand all of the factors involved, but this sounds a little scary. The identified victim sounds like the Exchange that would be accepting the short position. If a whale can cause "A" which negatively impacts "B," then the latter suffers the loss without recourse. Am I missing something key here?

Love the mr Market :D

catch up

Another potential impetus for someone to crash BTC price would be if they had a lot of alt bags paired to BTC, and this crash rises the alt price in BTC terms so they can cash out of the alt and gain BTC. The lower BTC price is also a tax advantage in most jurisdictions

Nice take, Confirming with evidence they are big players who csn reveal their hands to control crypto mkt.

More more more ....

Big influence with big money. Crypto makes no difference to FIAT in this regard.

I think the pullback and potential consolidation is good news for prices as they seemed to be overextended short term.

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