The Bit Coin Experience- Anticipation for Profit, Follow and Lose?

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Hard Lessons Learned in Crypto World

   Heard the saying Buy on the rumor and sell on the news?

   That's the lesson I had to learn.  I caught the big rise of bit coin and other coins in 2017 too late.  Things were great when big gains were rolling in.  However, I wasn't able to anticipate it early enough.  We hear we're supposed to buy low and sell high, but many people do exactly the opposite.  They latch on to the upward trend when enough momentum from others lures them in.  The time to buy is when bit coin is getting hit in price.  The time to buy is when bit coin loses 70% of its value.  Especially, when we understand the long term value of bit coin.

   See Bit Coin Price Sneaking Up in Value Now?

   We're headed towards the next review of Bit Coin ETF's by the SEC.  Why wouldn't we be seeing an increase in value?  A guy I follow is recognizing more and more bit coin atm's coming into existence.  The business money channel now shows the price of bit coin.  Slow and steady adoption.  A stable, slow increase in price is very healthy in my opinion.  Read more on ETF's below:

   Interested in Bit Coin's History and What Happened?  Read my best performing post below:

   To me the future is pretty crystal clear and here are the big reasons I support crypto:

   My posts are one continuous story of what many of us take to heart.  Hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to leave comments below.

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The bitcoin is a good investment, but the people who buyed in the 10.000 to 15000 ranks or more did it very late, now if they want to have profits they should wait almost until end of the year, but I'm sure that if they hodl they'll still have their profits. Of course this isn't the ortodox way of trading.

Yes, I think a long term hold is needed here. I do think our price will recover but yeah it's gonna take some time maybe even past the end of the year if we have to recover 15,000 :)

It's like everywhere in the stock markets. ;)

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