Bit Coin and Steem are the Future I Promise

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Banks and Government Abuse the People

   Money is the root of all evil.  No.  Greed and neglect are the root of all evil.  Money is just paper or a number that the government has promised you is worth something.  The government is allowed to abuse us through inflation and the careless spending of money.  Banks abuse us through their overly profit driven decision making.


   Are you aware of the time and cost it takes to wire someone money across the world when using a bank?  I'm very much aware of the cost when my bank tells me it costs 35.00 to send a wire.  A bit coin transaction cost is so small compared to this it's an elephant compared to an atom.  Same comparison holds for speed as well.  With only 21 million coins ever being made it's also a very convincing answer to inflation.  

It may not be the exact technology or brand (bit coin) in the end, but I promise something like it is the future.


   Awarding the content(accomplishment) of our fellow man is more important than ever with everything being online.  Picture, video, chat, and text.  Steem has been used to reward content and networking on the website for a long time.  It's fast, zero cost in fees, and easy.  It has an impressive amount of transactions on it's block chain 

   It may not be called Steem in the end, but something like it will emerge from the world of cryptocurrency.

P.S. The most recent fall in price doesn't cause me to cringe.  I know that the use case, technology, and recognition are not all optimal at this time.


It only takes a seed to be planted for something to grow strong in the future. Blockchain technology will continue to evolve over time and achieve maturity once adoption continues to increase! The survivors could become winners in due time...

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Thanks for commenting enjoyed reading your thoughts. I think what comes out will be big!

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