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This looks like today, well actuallt this was around April 2017! Boom! you're welcome!

Let's take a look why is it going up you say?

Think about it, long term. Not even so long term lets look at the last
100 day trend, Up, 120? Up, 190 Up, 200, 240, 290 300 days? UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, 400 day trend?
Bitcoin it is up.

Everyone scared of this new dip is not thinking long term.

Think about this.... Did you ever buy a new car? Ok, if you have now, think of this...
Did you realize that the value takes a nose dive even before you drive off the lot?
Yeah, you didn't take the car right back when you drive down the road.
Long term people.... LONG TERM.

Just because BITCOIN goes up then down in a month or so, doesn't mean it's bad.
It just sucks to lost out on some profit. But you get the value from using it. BITCOIN is great because it can go up, after going down. Just it has been for the last couple years it goes up and down, the TREND is UP though.

This year, a lot of people caught on to the trend and made it shoot up quick. That's fine, when it goes down, those kids will pee their pants and bail.

The low will keep higher than when we bought it (the O.G. HODLer levels). Those are the ones who purchased low, and HODL. If this drops to $1,000 it WILL suck, but O.G.'s will be fine, because it is HIGHER than purchase price.

This dip is only the stock market teasers wanting to wet their beaks. They think it's the stock market, so they try to play our game and get roughed up in the process.

BITCOIN is about the TECH behind it. BLOCKCHAIN and the community is the movement, not the currency.


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