Bitcoin is growing

in bitcoin •  last year

Coinbase had 7.3 million users, which confirms Milne’s claim that about 1 million new users joined in the last 30 days.
In February, Coinbase announced it hit its 6 million user milestone. reported a total of more than 15 million users as of July 2, which also marks around a 1 million user increase in the last 30 days and nearly a 10 million increase from a year ago, according to the company website.
The community is going bigger and bigger.

No doubt the meteoric rise in bitcoin’s price is drawing more attention, which is likely encouraging more users. Bitcoin has been on a historic tear in 2017. After ringing in the year at $1,000 on Jan. 1, the price reached an all-time high of $3,000 in mid-June.

Jafari, who was persuaded into covering bitcoin by Goldman Sachs’ clients recently, sees the current corrective course to tread longer with upward gains to be the ultimate outcome.

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