New Era of crypto world will begin From 1st August

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Points to be keep in mind about segiwt2x and bip148 activation:

  1. Wait till 23rd july and it will become clear that chain is going to split or not. If majority of miners signals the segwit2x, then UASF will not take place.
  2. If in any case it is still not clear about split scenario, then before 31st july cash out your bitcoins or convert them into other promising coins like ethereum, ans, litecoin.
  3. As cashing out would take time, do accordingly before 31st july.
  4. If you have any hardware wallet, you can store your bitcoin there.
  5. Leaving bitcoins on exchanges will not cause harm, but even exchanges are not ready to face the situation because they dont know what is going to happen exactly.
  6. Because if chain splits, exchanges will have to introduce both, old and the new coins on blockchain.

We are considering the worst possibility that if chain splits. Which is very unlikely.

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New era start, when people became understand that BitShares x10 times faster that BTC+ETH. And begin buy BTS, instead BTC and ETH


Definately u r right dear...will go through ur advice.

Great writeup!
Keep sharing great content.


Tanks dear...