Free Crypto-Referrals | Silvar Coin Income Report #2 | $2764/$5000 Challenge - I've made $460 dollars in 2 weeks!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

For those that are participating in my $5,000 dollar challenge this month will know what this post is following up from, if you are new to the challenge, start here: The$5000DollarChallenge

I am going to make 9 other follow up posts briefly in regards to the earnings on those networks through word of mouth and networking alone. 

The main point of this challenge is to make $5,000 dollars from SCRATCH! 


The above image shows my earning from Cryptocurrency Network; Silvar Coin, this was a total of 23 people referred to the FREE signup bonus to give me a total of 230 Silvar Coins!

 Challenge Stats

  • 55.3% | 100% Completion
  • $2,764 | $5,000 
  • Time Spent | 3-4 hours a week for 2 weeks

Another blog post coming shortly..

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