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I have years of experience in the investment world. I've done well. Really well.
Now, i know most of you are new to this world of crypto, some of you have been trading cryptos for the past months of years.
Hundreds of videos are posted everyday on youtube and other websites, with people presenting themselves as gurus, telling you indirectly what to do, what to buy, what to sell. And at this end, they just throw you the sentence " remember, invest only what you can afford, and remember that i am not an expert, but this is just my opinion. " .

Well said.

At this point, even an expert can't predict the future. But of course, he/she has more chances choosing the correct path, and decrease the failure rate in any investment.
So please, understand that every of the known vloggers you see, are indirectly asking you to buy what they just bought, so that the price can go up. They are serving you but you are serving them, and you don't know it.
We all want to get rich, and you can become wealthy through cryptos.
Of course, i play big, so the margin is bigger when you invest over 20k$ on a coin, and 3 days later you make 6000$us in profits.
Then you simply wait and carefully reinvest on something that is guaranteed.
I am using a forbidden word here : " guaranteed" . Well, let me tell you, there are times in the crypto world, when it is obvious you will make money. This doesn't happen often. But when it does, if you can play big, do it.

Let me give you some examples:

  • DIGIBYTE: Digibyte is a crypto that got my attention. I watched it carefully. I first bought 10,000 units of it at a fairly ok low price. I then heard about that CITIBANK sponsorship event in Singapore. Everyone was crazy about it. Although many didn't know that Digibyte wasn't getting anything specifically, but was just one of the hundreds of companies that would compete to get 1 spot. I knew that it was hard for Digibyte to win, given the competition. But i also knew that thousands of people still believed in that "misunderstanding". So i knew that the price of Digibyte would go from 0.028$ to over 0.050$ the day of the conference.
    So i decided to purchase 10,000$us worth of Digibytes. Which equals to around 360,000 digibytes. Plus the 10,000 units i had, so now i had 370,000 units. When the price hit 0.061$us, i decided to sell everything for around 22,000$us. This is a 12,000$us profit in just 6 days!! Now, i know most will say that i put in serious cash on it. But think about it, if someone put 1000$us , he/she would've made an extra 1200$us! Which is almost half a BTC in profits!!
    Like i said, there are moments, where you have to use the momentum where everyone is "brainwashed" by the news and rumors, and use that into your advantage. Remember that you cannot control millions of people buying or selling by yourself, but you can let news work it out for you. Just like trading works in general.

  • BITCOIN: Now this is a no-brainer for most. A few days ago, a big crash occured as you all know. I opened my app and saw bitcoin going from 2900$+ to 2600ish... A few hours later, I left it at 2495$us as i remember. I woke up in the morning, and knew that BTC would rebound for sure, and was expecting BTC to be for sure between 2500$-2700$us.
    To my surprise, i saw the number "23" close to the BTC name. I called my bank and got everything ready. By the time we hit afternoon, and i was ready to purchase bitcoins, I saw that the price was around 2200$us!!!!!
    I didn't blink because i knew that BTC will hardly go below 2000$us. So i purchased at between 2230$-2260$us .
    I spent 44,700$us buying bitcoins at that price. That was around 20 bitcoins.
    I was happy to own them, and was confident the price will work its way up really soon. Day after day, we reach today, where bitcoin is close to 2700$us . That is 500$us profit per bitcoin!!! so 500$x20 = 10,000$us in profits in less than 6 days!!
    I didn't cash out yet. The reason? Well, i purchased bitcoins at the lowest possible price i guess from now and on. It was an opportunity to build my bitcoin portfolio for the long term. And on top of that, i made 10,000$us.

So i just gave you 2 real-life examples here to show you that it is possible to make serious money with cryptos. I am constantly buying altcoins and others, either because i believe it that coin for the long term, or because it is too cheap to buy :P , or simply because i know something, just like with the DGB story above.

Feel free to comment and i will be happy to answer your questions. If you like this post, feel free to upvote, so that others can also benefit from all this. As sharing is caring!

I am planning on doing stories from my investments every week or so. If you want to hear them, just let me know as it is always nice to discuss Cryptos!

Be well my friends and happy investing!!


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Thanks for the motivation and write up! Congratulations on your recent success!

Thank you! I hope we can all get wealthy together and share tips that might always help others! :)

At last something evenI understand well done.

Good Information Buy Low Sell High !!

You are my idol! :)