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Bitcoin is the most successful crypto currency in the world and it provides more benefits to technology leaders, entrepreneurs and financial investors and by the end of 2017 crypto currency market has become popular globally. So nowadays any person with an internet access can use crypto currency, however in the past few people used to engage in this field but today more investors try to invest their money in projects based on block chains.
HiBTC is a trading platform which is based on Europe based crypto currencies and offers high liquidity in the market also HiBTC is a kind of platform which offers trading services for crypto currency traders & HiBTC is easy to use for new traders who are in the first stage of trading and also institutional, merchants and worldwide individual traders use HiBTC. The HiBTC provides trading operations for the most popular crypto currenciesBitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCC or BCH), Lite coin (LTC) etc.
According to this platform when a client takes part in an exchange with HiBTC, a commission is produced. Here the HiBTC exchanges the measures of HiBTC rewards that HiBTC should obtain on the market cost of the exchange commission and the market cost of HiBTC and pays each installments day by day.


The HiBTC exchange offers a token known as HiBTC token .They work according to a certificate on rights and interests of the platform .Here the owners of the tokens get benefits from several rights and privileges such as decision making right beside the founder of the platform .Also the each and every person who are able to holds the HiBTC token would gain benefits from revenues generated by the platform which would be allocated daily based on the number of tokens hold.
The HiBTC is a huge trading platform and it provides many advantages to the user’s .It consist of information protection, efficiency, risk control, income distribution and transparency of data.Therefor these each and every facilities can achieve by every participants without any objections and worries on personal privacy protection, or the security of assets. Other than these opportunities, theprofessional financial unit of HiBTC will provide investment target choices to the investors.
Advantages of HiBTC.

• The main objective of HiBTC is to give the top priority to the safety of digital assets of investors. At first they work jointly together with top security companies and examine the platform codes and setting up multi-layer firewalls before the platform is used. After releasing the platform they will use multi signature and cold/hot wallet separation to place over 90% assets in the cold wallet as to maximize the security of user asset.
• HiBTC is more efficient than other platforms as it trying to provide advance transaction facilities for users.
• HiBTC is a kind of risk controlling option and it will provide users with risk coverage tool which is based on digital currency transaction.
• HiBTC introduced the mining model “transaction +token holding”, which facilitate transaction mining reward for users and based on the HiBTC held by the user and the market price of the processing fee paid by the investor and the HIBTC market price, through this 50% of HiBTC token is rewarded to users through transaction mining. Therefor due to this one of the characteristic HiBTC platform is very different from other platforms.
• HiBTC is engage in revenue sharing, according to this revenues collected from the platform will be distributed to HiBT token holders and this revenue distribution will take place every day according to the rules of the bonus gained. Here to uplift the money holding users for a long time period, HiBTC introduce a “Dividend Bonus Program” which gives dividend bonus for holders.
• HiBTC will be issued 10 billion HIBT tokens and will never increase and they normally distribute more than 40% of its revenue to HIBT holders.
• HiBTC is consist of transparency of data .So the users can engage in transaction without any worries or misunderstandings. As HiBTC provide with data related to user’s interests including platform transaction data, voting data etc.

HiBTC (HIBT) Token Details

The hibtc trading platform is the only place that issuing the HIBT. The total HIBT is 10 billion & this is a constant value.
The generation of HIBT is divided into three parts such as Mine part ,Defrosting part & Early release part.


HiBTC (HIBT) Token Allocation


More details on www.hibtc.com

HiBTC Roadmap


Finally, HiBTC will breaks the barriers to information between shareholders and management and between companies and users under the traditional firm model & provide opportunities for users to achieve their targets.My recommendation is that join with HiBTC Trading Platform & success in the future.

For more Information about the HiBTC project visit Link Below,

Official Website: https://www.hibtc.com
White Paper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5016151.0
Telegram Group: https://t.me/www_HIBTC_com1

Author: mahesh1987

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