#16 - Bitcoin Price Forecast

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2 month ago, I said bitcoin will reach ~ $5,000.
bitcoin reached our forecast.
you can read my post here: #14 - Bitcoin Price Forecast

Also, There is ~ $5000 Signal in Long Term ,
i still receive this signal from a few month ago ,
i think it will happen. but , not now.

Let's see what will happen in the future.
Bitcoin Price: $4,150
Price Base: Fxopen

These charts analyzed by Elliott Waves:

Bitcoin 4Hour Chart:

It is awesome. Light blue wave is a Nice 'Flat' Wave.


Expanded Flat

And Extension 5

Bitcoin 1Hour Chart:

one Extension 3


and TripleZigZag

Bitcoin 5Minute Chart:

Here is Two Extension 3



and one ZigZag


According to 4 Hour Charts, Bitcoin Price will go down in a few days or weeks. But we have some targets on $5800, $7900, $9000 and $21000 in Long Term. Long term in here means a few months.

According to 1 Hour Charts, Bitcoin Price will go down in a few days or weeks. We have some negative target on $3900 and $3700. But we have some Positive and Strong targets on $6800 and $10700 in Long term.

According to 5 Minute Charts, Bitcoin Price will go Up for a while. maybe in a few hours. We have some positive targets on $4200. But we have some Negative Targets on $3800 and $3600 in long term. Long term in this case means, a few days or weeks.

My suggestion:

I think bitcoin will reach $3900 and lower prices. then it will start rising. it will go upper and upper.
maybe after some falls.
if you are a bitcoin holder. Keep your bitcoins and wait.

Note: Remember, Charts are not all part of market. anything can happen. Use my suggestions in your own risk.
remember what I said.

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very informative post upvoted!!

Very good post. I fully understand what you're talking about. The current total market cap of all cryptos might seem high but blockchain is here to stay and will involve all our lives. I do see a bright future for everyone that's hold's their coins with a long term vision. I really advice people to take a look at: https://www.coincheckup.com This site did all the research for you. It's truly amazing. Go to: https://www.coincheckup.com/coins/Bitcoin#analysis For the Bitcoin Detailed analysis

Bitcoin price is still too high for me to buy in right away.

Will wait for some more dow s before making a new investment.

Thanks for sharing

very good information about bitcoin

i believe that bitcoin will go down and bitcoin cash price will go up then bitcoin cash will replace bitcoin

A simple fork from bitcoin can't stop bitcoin :)

Bitcoin is much more than a cryptocurrency.

It is the start of all this new economy. If it goes down, the whole market has the potential to crash along with it.

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