#15 - Bitcoin Price Forecast - Buy and Sell Signals

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As I said in last forecast post, Bitcoin reached $2,000.

Don't enter to the market.
i received some signal on ~ $2000 (high risk)

See #1 - How to Analyze Cryptocurrency Charts

Analysed Chart:

Price Base: btc-e.com
There are some Negative Signals.
and Some Positive Signals.
If you are Bitcoin trader, Bitcoin holder or Bitcoin fan,
Take look at Analysed chart by Elliott wave:


My Suggestion:

Don't Sell Your Bitcoins.
I think Bitcoin Will stay at this price for a while,
and Maybe Around $1,950.

I think in a few days or weeks Bitcoin Will Reach ~ $2,900 (High risk).


Note: Use my suggestion at your own risk.
Please remember what I said, and check it later.

If you are interested in Other Coins Price Forecast, Please Leave Comment.

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Upvoted. Do you know why the price is falling?

Thanks for Upvote.
There are many reasons,
I can say the simple reason is that Bitcoin is following market trends.

What do you mean by following the market trends? Sorry if my question sounds stupid. I'm just a newb and need some enlightenment :)

in short:
What you expect to happen,
according to past Prices, and analyzed charts.

Selling now could be a bad idea.

yes, it is.
I already Posted before Some Price Fall,
and I will try to Do it Again.

lol...perfect reply

Nice post @mahdiyari, I saw your link in the SteemitStocks Discord. With this price I'm thinking of buying some Bitcoin.

Thanks for your comment.

good article thanks. upvoted and followed. Feel free to do the same.

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