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One of Bitcoin's largest online currency exchange houses, Bithumb, has recently been hacked by more than $ 1 billion equivalent in electronic money. A large number of downstream accounts were compromised by this cyber attack.


Bithumb is South Korea's largest online currency exchange house. It controls 10% of world transactions with Bitcoin and 20% of world transactions with Ethereum, another form of digital currency. Bithumb is the fourth largest player on the exchange market with Bitcoin, and the first in terms of Ethereum. The attack was well targeted, as the thieves managed to get their hands on so much money. Jesse James and the Wild West Train Traffickers are in the past. Now we are witnessing the robberies of the 21st century.

In addition to the impressive stolen amount, hackers have also stolen the personal information of 31,800 Bithumb members. They got their full name, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, the South Korean authorities said. However, Bithumb claims that about 3% of all their clients have been harmed. The currency exchange office reported police robbery a day after finding out about it.

Also, the attack would not target the company's secure network. Apparently a personal computer in one of the employees' homes would have been broken. Thus, hackers have earned high-profile access credentials and have managed to get their robbery to the end. More than 100 Bithumb customers have filed complaints with the police about robbery, and the Cybercrime Division of South Korean forces has launched an investigation. Nothing is known about the robbers of the robbery, notes

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It is anonymous to pay with bitcoin but it is not so secure. Either you have it in your wallet or in an exchange stored. As long as nobody tries to find a way to secure your wallet, everyone who can, can hack you.


Right !


Please resteemit to inform more steeamers about this !


sure, won't hurt one

Until some one finds a way t save the exchanges and wallets such losses will keep on occuring


yes ! Please resteemit to inform more steeamers about this !

Wonder if these hacks are a bigger plan for governments to enforce regulations.

Hard to tell but seems like a problem / solution trend with all these exchanges. co-opposition forming? What do i know :/

These Big Banks can easily print money to pay hackers to hack these exchanges. Then fund the exchanges to correct the problem. While enforcing new regulations on the sector that will favor the banks or just an attempt to impede the revolution/evolution.

Either way it will add fear to the market and I think that's the main objective.


hashflare for example pays an hacker who can break their system and make it better almost 250k$ !!

Not $ 1 billion, but $ 1 million worth of Bitcoin was taken out. Makes quite a difference. ;)


Agreed! 1 billion won = 870,000 USD ... posts are editable.