How much Bitcoin is actually in circulation with people losing wallets or keys

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Ive always wondered how much bitcoin there is out there that is actually spendable.

For example not all the bitcoin that has been mined is spendable as people have lost wallets and keys.

I for one lost about 10 bitcoin about a year ago after my laptop got stolen and I had no backup.

I am pretty sure that whoever stole is will never be able to access the wallet as the hard drive was encrypted and it was stolen in africa.

I have also read about people like this

Now if we had a rough number on how mamy bitcoins will never be sold, which mean there are less coins. Should bitcoin not be worth even more then.

Always found this interesting.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


Sooo many bots here.

There were a number of faulty MtGox transactions which destroyed 2609 bitcoins (they were sent to faulty addresses and are not recoverable.)

It would indeed be interesting to see thr amount of bitcoins actually still available vs lost forever...

It's not important.
We can create a new STEEM-world with just 1 BTC left.

Not so much of a problem, just need to add decimals when the amount of coins becomes too low.