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RE: Gold or Bitcoin, What Would You Choose as Money?

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Definitely you are qualified to assess your own situation since you have experience with both. But I think you would agree it is not an either/or matter. The best advice is to learn about both and why they have value. If you have a stable living condition you can keep your PMs at home in a safe, in the woodwork, behind a loose brick, someplace very, very safe and without storage costs.

However if you are traveling for years on end you will have to pay storage or go exclusively to crypto. But risk cannot be avoided; out of hundreds of start up alt coins many, many will fail and take your money with them.

Also for the time being gold is acting like fiat (due to all the paper contracts that are falsely inflating supply) and crypto is acting like gold on those currencies with limited supply. And it's also true with all kinds of wealth that you can't take it with you. Everything is subject to change.