Some Bitcoin Price Predictions 2018 From Experts

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Some Bitcoin Price Predictions 2018 From Experts
Then, is the current price of Bitcoin the highest price and can not be passed again? Of course not, many Predicted Bitcoin Price 2018 already made by experts in the currency market that says Bitcoin prices will continue to soar.
The First Prediction was made by Tom Lee, one of the Wall Street Strategists, the Bitcoin prospect is a promising long-term prospect. Lee wrote a note to clients of Fundstrat Global Advisors that bitcoin prices from early to mid-2018 would reach over $ 6,000. He also predicts that Bitcoin prices will continue to rise up to $ 25,000 by 2022.
He believes that several factors will cause Bitcoin to rise to more than $ 6,000. One of them is the increase in public adoption in the use of Bitcoin as a store of wealth and financial investment by 50%. Lee said "We see Bitcoin succeeded in obtaining an institutional license and improving the transaction platform, so that public adaptability becomes greater."
Followed by the Cryptographic Options and Futures Options Approval Agreement, first acquired by LedgerX and CBOE Holdings, will increase the volume of Bitcoin transactions as a whole.
Even in the future the Central Bank may also acquire Bitcoin if Bitcoin Capitalization has already reached $ 500 billion, such capitalization would occur if the Bitcoin price had reached $ 30,000.
The second prediction comes from researcher Ronnie Moas shares, he believes that the price of Bitcoin in 2018 will beat the prediction of Tom Lee's target and reach $ 7,500.
The Third Prediction comes from Harvard Academics, that Bitcoin uniquely according to Moore's Law can come to a price of $ 100,000 by 2021.
Of the three predictions above, it is not impossible that the price will reach the level that was never expected before, because Bitcoin is a "People's Currency" that can not be contested by anyone, and does not involve "Middle Man" or third parties such as Banking who always get profit from every transaction that happened
The current Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate to US Dollar (USD) is 19,660.10 / 1 BTC (approximately IDR 75 Million / 1 BTC), a really high price for crypto currency. Bitcoin (BTC) has risen approximately 490% during the year 2017, from January 2017 highs $ 1,175 / 1 BTC to October 2017 $ 5,864 / 1 BTC highs.
A lot of criticism and restrictions aimed at Bitcoin in the third quarter of this year are:
• Jamie Dimon who says that Bitcoin is a "Fraud" that can explode at any time.
• The Chinese government bans all trading activities of Bitcoin and other criteria.
• The South Korean government prohibits Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from being held in the country.
• Vladimir Putin, President of Russia condemns Bitcoin and other crypto currencies because it can not be controlled by the government, which causes crime could happen, such as financing terrorism.
The above criticisms and restrictions have made the Bitcoin (BTC) Value drop dramatically during September, from the highest price of $ 4.980 / 1 BTC down to $ 2.975 / 1 BTC.
Although bombarded with many obstacles, it turns out Bitcoin can still rise back quickly. From late September Bitcoin's price rocketed from a low of $ 2.975 / 1 BTC to as high as $ 5,864 / 1 BTC at the same time breaking the previous record high $ 4,980 / 1 BTC.

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