From 50 Cent To Bitcoin Millionaire, Biggest Theft In History JUST Happened!

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski talks once again with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the most recent crypto news.

50 Cent recently discovered he's a Bitcoin millionaire. Katy Perry shared an image of her crypto-style nails! But that's not the biggest news.

Japanese crypto exchange CoinCheck just entered the history books as 532 million dollars worth of NEM were hacked from the site. 123 million dollars worth of Ripple also disappeared. This has now become the biggest theft in the history of the world. Another reason why you shouldn't keep all your money in a crypto exchange!
Some kids in Ontario, Canada also attempted to rob a crypto firm in person, only for their plot to be foiled by police.

And corporate giant Riot Blockchain just bought 500 Bitcoin at a U.S. Marshall's auction. What does this mean?

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Title suggestion: “We Are Blockchainge”

Yep, that's the one!

50 cent becoming crypto millionaire, Paris Hilton, Mayweather and Messi promoting cryptos, Kodak and arsenal FC launching its own crypto...does anybody doubt that this ecosystem is not the bubble they claim to be and is here to stay?... @lukewearechange I love all what you and WAM are doing for de-programing brainwashed people and for your fight for real freedom! Greetings from Spain mate!

50 cent to change his name to 0.000048 Bitcoin ?

The name of the show... "Luke looks like my brother"...upvote please, thank you.

WAMWAC. And this can be your theme song!

Lol! THANK YOU gentlemen! Hang in there, this WILL be huge! OK, and seriously, maybe "We Are World Media?"

the 42-year-old was on social media congratulating himself.

In a post referencing the original TMZ report, he wrote, "Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I'm so proud of me." He followed up with an additional comment saying, "I'm a keep it real. I forgot I did that s---."

Thank you for sharing this. I totally agree that our coins should be kept on our offline wallet or at least we have the possession of our private keys for if I'm not mistaken they can't process a transaction/transfer without the private key, right?

I'm unable to log into your main website...i wonder if anyone else is going through same?

J&L News
Simple is the best! Upvote :)

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Watch 50 get shot again, he loves bragging as you can see.

"The Unnamed Crypto Show" actually sounds not bad

Hey RESPECT. I dig the channel the whole WE ARE CHANGE movement. You guys should drop off of YT and go strictly DTube for the video shows. Just saying.

Thanks for your valuable and informative post about bitcoin,blockchain & so on.We can gather a lot of information by your post.By dint of, we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks @lukewearechange
@Resteem & follow has done.

crypto robery must really be moved against. It other people hard earned money and means of survial . Victims at times might not be a able to rise again. # I STAND AGAINST STEEMIT ROBBERY

Show name suggestion? Hope you see the clever one on Bitchute...

Consider it, if you can laugh at yourselves


Hey Luke. I’ve been watching your videos for some time and would like to say thank you for the work you and your team are doing. It was in one of your videos last year some time that you mentioned steemit and that’s what made me join. Now I’ve got some where to upload my musical creations. Thanks once again!

The poo poo cryptocurrency show

Showy Mc Show Face

Great post,

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Yep, here in the Netherlands the media and politicians are calling for regulation to curb criminal activity as if cash has never been used for a drug deal :/

Great show guys

Luke I've been a Patreon for over a year now but have to cancel my payments today because of PayPal. If you decide to add your BCH address to your videos then I can continue to donate. For now, I'm sorry.

50's comment on this discovery: "Mann I forgot I even did that shit..." lol.

I must also plug our latest post because it's a great clarification for a widely confused topic. Go check out our latest blog post here on Steemit to understand the relationship between coins, tokens, and protocols. Thanks!

nice ! :) i want bitcoins ! :DDD

Look at the billions Wells Fargo keeps getting away with stealing. Yet they just get a fine which amounts to about 3%. That is a pretty cost of goods, no surprise they've done it more than once. It dwarfs any crypto thefts.

Thanks for the information, I think cryptos currencies will be part of our life, but the establishment will do all in his power to ensure we don't have a way to do be free and exchange between ourselves without being stolen in taxes or enormous fees.

Will see how the market react.

Good point to mention that you shoud do your research and invest in things you trust.

Also for something new and volatile like crypto currencies, you must be willing to lose what you put in.

As a trader currently i feel like wallstreet is manipulating BTC to the max.