@luegenbaron wrote:

I'm waiting for a big dump ^^

Remember I cited in my recent blog Bitcoin Movements Ahead on the Way to the Moon:

Analysts Say Crypto Market Yet to Believe in Bull Run, Expect Further Gains:

Notable cryptocurrency observers claim that the Bitcoin market is still in disbelief at the current price rally. This, for them, is a sign that prices of crypto assets will head a lot higher during this market cycle.

So if that’s true then you’re with a majority sentiment of those who have’t yet accepted that Bitcoin is going much higher and not lower. The majority is [greater fool pigs must be] always slaughtered, so the minority can take profits. Is the majority now bullish? (find some reliable sentiment indicator for the majority, not your personal experience)

Crypto Fear & Greed Index – Multifactorial Crypto Market Sentiment Analysis

Don’t forgot what happened from February 2019 when everyone was waiting for Bitcoin to correct (because they hadn’t shifted their mindset to raging bull market) but it just kept on rising from $3.1k to $13.9k with only intra-day spike “crashes” on the way up.

but halving is upcoming. and I kinda have it in my pee, that this halving will be different