ICO RUN DOWN so many lending icos HOW I made 100 into 1000!!!! and still going!

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

OMG so many lending ICO's im in on 13 of them now i think im maxxxxed out haha
let me know what ICO's your invested in!!!?? video at end

kingbitcoin.PNGTHE KINGCASH!!
these are my current holdings how does your compare!!!??? let me know. ALSO I am after SFI, and UNIX. BTC alrdy deposit
sfi logo.png

the way i see it the more i hedge my bets the better . im still holding 130 GRX which i know is 100% profit i can sell so i think im sitting pretty! I paid 46 cents ea and got 225 GRX sold at 95 at 6$ you do the math!!!

sfi logo.png

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good post, upvoted, I visited your website, wish you good luck, keep steeming ☺


THanks alot my wife just updated it il be getting domain name very soon to spread the word of cryptos!!!


hey just did a new post on a really cool new coin im mining thats in ico legit crytonight algo

well my wifes account https://steemit.com/mining/@ailema/coinsmith-mining-graft-review-new-coin-alert-mine-it-early