Convert Steem/SBD to BTC steemit - bittrex

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We create an account in bittrex or we log in if you are already registered.

Press on the wallet section at the top right.

In the browser we put steem, so we see the two options steem and sbd. Depending on what you want to change you give the symbol +, and you get this:

The memo is your personal address where to send your SBD / steem, do not get confused when sending it because they are 2 different addresses (SBD and steem) and if you send it where it does not ring you would have to send an email so they could send it to you.

The acct is the user you send it to, in this case it will always be bittrex.


Now in the steemit wallet press on the currency that we want to send and we have several options, which we are interested in is transfer.

Then we see this box that is where the data that gives us bittrex in @ we have to put bittrex and in memo the long number that appears in bittrex.

Pressing the blue numbers above automatically puts the total value you have in that currency. Then you give it to submit and you return to bittrex


Now you click the markets button with the btc symbol and you get this:

In the search engine you put SBD or steem according to what you have and click on it on the line that appears

You lower the page a little, to where it puts trading, if you press the max it automatically puts all the value of the currency that you have, in Price you have 3 options plus the manual:

1- Last: the value in btc of the last one that sold

2- Bid: the value in btc of the first in the buy list 

3- Ask: the same value as the first on the sell list

When you have already chosen which option you will use click on sell

When your sale has already been made go back to the wallet section on the top right, and put in the search engine BTC and give the - symbol.

This is where you have to put your btc address and the amount you want to send, note that the important thing is the final value that you put in withdrawal, since they charge a commission of 20,000 satoshis, so you will have to add that value in the case that where you send the btc they ask you the exact amount

To confirm the withdrawal they will send you a confirmation email


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