Bitcoin Trend / 08 - 02 - 2018 / The Bull Run Supported By a H&S Bottom.

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I believe, bitcoin price will reach new high this year due to:

  • Increased regulatory recognition of exchanges.
  • Flow of institutional capital.
  • Major technology developments, such as Lightning Network.
  • The good news after governments in South Korea and China threatened to impose further regulation on digital currencies.

There is no reason why we couldn't see bitcoin
pushing 25k by the end of 2018!

 Expected trading for today is between 6600.00  support and 8900.00 resistance  

What About Today !

  • Bitcoin price tested 8600 resistance and keeps its stability below it. In the short-term, the trend is up, supported by a H&S bottom.

  • Stochastic in oversold territory, so buying pressure could still kick, and It is unlikely, bitcoin price make any new low, below the strong support at 6k.

  • Let us watch the 8600.00 level, as breaching 8600.00 level and hold above it, will confirm the continuation of the bull run.

Expected trading for today:
is between 6600.00 support and 8900.00 resistance.

Expected trend for today :

Medium Term:

Long Term:

The low of 2018:
5947.00 / Strong Support.

The high of 2018:
25000.00 level.


What You Know About --> Fibonacci Retracement in Trending Market.   


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Bullish - bullish - bullish => What a beautiful sound in my ears!

If the nex uptrend is evident, new all time highs could appear already in a few month. I think we dont have to wait until the end of the year.


Note, If bitcoin price do not hold above the 8600.00, could fall to the 38.2% Fib around 7000.00 level before any new attempt to raise, where we can buy again..


As I said in the morning, we have to watch the 8600.00 level, as breaching 8600.00 level and hold above it, will confirm the continuation of the bull run.

Felicitari pentru aceasta postare.
Este o analiza foarte clar exprimata cu exemple (si comentarii) exacte.
Voted and Resteemed!

What do u think about people who see a dip to 5,000 ? Im holding enough to get one btc but cant decide if i buy now or wait ;)


A lot see that the price will go to 5500 and 4500 ..
My point of view .. It is unlikely, bitcoin price make any new low, below the strong support at 6k.
But might the support 6k will be tested again .. I think is better to wait .. let us see wht will happen around the 8.6K


If 8600 is breached, a first run will take place to 10000+ .
At this point the FUD will be replaced by FOMO :-)
So likely we will see a new trading zone somewhere between 10k and 20k for several month.


Then will reach 15K after 3 months..25K by the end of the year..
Check my above chart carefully.. I already placed without numbers..


cheers! ill wait then! ;-) always a good idea huh


I bgt H&S Bottom at 6k ..
I will let you know when I will buy the next time..
Have a great day..
Thanks for support..


okay! now we're talking! i only hope you remember! ;-) lolllll
oh u mean everyone not me!


Usually I call before 1 week..
I f you checked my old posts carefully, you will see that I made a sell call, for bitcoin traders around 19k in dec 2017, and more than week ago I posted that the price will hit 6.8k ( check my charts ) and before 24 hours from the last low when the price was around 7.6k I posted the low will be 6.1 ( 76.40 % Fib Retracement ) and in the same day I posted that I bgt at 6K, where I think the low will be and the low was 5.947K.

The problem is when I made a sell call, Most of analysts was bullish and when I made a buy call at 6k, most of analysts was Bearish..

The reason why I wrote : Crypto Bloodbath Killed the buyers in Dec 2017 and will kill the sellers in Feb 2018.

It is more the 2k profit for one bitcoin in my last call for bitcoin traders.. lol

Anyway the next time , When I think we can buy I will post twice..


they dont call you the lordoftruth for nothing!
i WILL be watching!


Resistance 8600 under attack again..

  • Breaching 8600.00 level and hold above it, will confirm the continuation of the bull run.

  • Note, If bitcoin price do not hold above the 8600.00, could fall to the 38.2% Fib around 7000.00 level before any new attempt to raise, where we can buy again..

Let us watch..


Hey! Let me know too when you'll buy the next time! I have never seen anyone with better accuracy than your predictions :D


Maybe you are right..
If so, the reason is that I play with my money , I do not play with the charts.

hoping the best

Bitcoin might not bring the largest gains but it has the top reputation and longest history of success, with lots of talented developers.

The price will continue to pick up as more people are let into the current exchanges and when more exchanges open up.

If there was some decentralized trustless exchange where it is safe to store keys and trade openly we would see some serious ramp up in liquidity and price

Cant wait to see it trending again just as it was last year @lordoftruth

I am following a lot of analysts and i like your analysis the most, because your provide with trading calls. For me thats pure gold info and so far your calls are on point. Keep up the good work brother you are giving your followers good awareness.

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Nice blog :):) keep it up


After reading your Post HODLING feels really great :D

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I realize it is so valuable post .
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this is very informative blog .thanks to you for sharing..i praise
Carry on

thanks for the analysis. personally I believe we may have to wait a while before we hit ATH ... and that we may not have yet broken out of the downtrend ... the next few days are crucial

@lordoftruth thank great post, anyone here can explian me how vote proxy works##Upvote/Resteem###

Thank you for the update! Do you think Bitcoin will hit $50,000 by the end of 2018?

Amazing nice info

most people buy on FOMO instead of buying on dips...

up, up, up 👆 👆 👆

there is a 90% that bitcoin will rise again by this year, all we need for now is patient and stay cool! relax and enjoy the price for today.

thank you for sharing your thoughts about bitcoin sir!

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Hi! What do you think is/are the limiting factor/s why the high of 2018 is 25000 level only. Out of all the bullish TAs I've read and predictions from experts, the btc price will go up more than that.

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I am totally agree with you

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I have no doubt it will blow up again this year it always does, just like the years in the past it will hit new highs then it will be sold off again for profit. Thank you for the hard work you do on all of your post.

What would be the impact on the BTC price if ETH were to pass it marketcap wise? Imo this could lead to more ETH trading pairs and maybe less BTC ones, which in turn could lead to less usage of BTC

yes, you are right.I also hope this.

i really like your posts and your knowledge is amazing. and i am sure 100% will go up again ..

Thanks for your advice. I think it will soon cross 25K.

Helpfull information for newbie crypto... thanks for sharing @lordoftruth..

Good blog ..
I am really appreciate to see this post ...
Carry on. best of luck dear 😊

good post dear

Thanks for your analysis, your analysis I have seen to having gone in their directions, @lordoftruth is really telling and forecasting the truth. Thanks for sharing, it goes a long way for us

hey I just want you to know I really appreciate the work you do on here, it helps me sleep at night for sure lol lordoftruth you're the best!